Almost Half of Germans Invest in Digital Assets

According to the latest KuCoin report, about a half of the German population invests in cryptocurrencies – a total of 44%. Based on the report, a large number of Germans are willing to invest in digital assets and enter the future of finance.

About 37% Of German Crypto Investors Traded Crypto for Over a Year

Besides the 44% who wish to invest, another 37% of people have been trading crypto for over a year. According to Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin, when it comes to Germany, digital assets are popular among those who prefer an accumulation strategy.

The younger generation is more invested, usually getting into crypto to save for retirement or diversify their portfolio.

Unfortunately, the huge demand still didn’t push the country to deal with the regulatory framework. Lyu claims that Germany has no specific regulations that regulate the use of digital money.

Still, Germany was one of the first countries to accept blockchain strategy. Germany was also the first country that recognized that Bitcoin is a unit of value and could be classified as a financial instrument. However, the regulators barely had any success in regulating cryptocurrencies.

Regardless, Germany remains a role model to other EU countries with people who are more open to investing in crypto.

What’s more, about 53% of crypto-curious people are women, which is encouraging for this industry.