The Most Comprehensive Exodus Wallet Review for 2024

If you’re looking for the ultimate cryptocurrency wallet that lets you keep over 200 cryptocurrency assets, keep reading our Exodus wallet review. We’ll explore its features and see why this wallet is one of the safest, most reliable, and prettiest non-custodial wallets in the industry.


  • Designed for beginners
  • Innovative UI
  • Ease of use
  • Integrated exchange


  • Can’t generate new addresses
  • Exodus 2FA unavailable

A Comprehensive List of Exodus Wallet Features

With Exodus, you’ll have complete control of your cryptocurrencies via mobile, desktop, and hardware wallets. Our 2022 Exodus wallet review covers an extensive list of its features you should know about.

Free Download

To start using Exodus wallet, you can download it free from the official website. You’ll also find instructions and a section for instant answers to help you install the wallet on your desktop or mobile device. As soon as you finish the installation, you’ll get access to all its features.

Buy Cryptocurrencies

After you get into the wallet, you’ll likely want to purchase some digital assets. To do so, you’ll have to go through the FTX exchange and verify your identity. Exodus is a good wallet to help you purchase your first crypto without leaving the wallet’s interface.

Keep in mind that FTX is not directly tied into Exodus, but you can link Exodus with this exchange and use it seamlessly. However, if you wish to deposit fiat, you’ll have to verify your identity via Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process.

Support for 200+ Cryptocurrencies

Exodus is a multi-currency crypto wallet, meaning you’ll get access to more than just Bitcoin and a few other top coins. Some of the coins that the Exodus wallet supports are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Binance Coin
  • Ethereum
  • USD Coin
  • Cardano
  • Terra
  • Solana
  • Dogecoin
  • Polkadot
  • Shiba Inu (BSC and ETH network)
  • Litecoin
  • Cosmos
  • Uniswap

Exodus recently added non-fungible tokens to its supported assets, and you can now buy, sell, and receive NFTs through the Exodus NFT Marketplace.

Integrated Exchange

Another great thing about Exodus is that it offers an integrated app exchange feature, where you can swap between 200 digital assets. However, this is a third-party feature that is more like a decentralized exchange.

Since exchanging funds is an on-chain transaction, you’ll have to pay Exodus exchange fees. Still, the exchange is easy to use, there are no limits to how many times you can swap assets, and you have total control over your funds.

Send and Receive Crypto

As with any other wallet, you’ll want to use Exodus to send and receive cryptocurrencies. Exodus creates separate addresses for each digital asset you hold and provides you with additional features once you click the dropdown menu on the right side. 

Once you set everything up, you can easily send crypto via your Exodus wallet address. Exodus can also generate a QR code instead of the address, which you can scan and use to send and receive assets.

Secure Access with Print Recognition

The answer to the question “Is Exodus wallet safe?” is simple—Exodus is one of the safest wallets out there, even though it doesn’t use the two-factor authentication feature.

One of the best ways to secure your funds is to use Face ID on iOS devices or Touch ID on Android devices. You can set the passcode first so you’ll get access to Touch ID or Face ID features.

Private Data Storage

You might wonder who owns Exodus wallet once it’s installed on your device. First, it’s important to know that Exodus encrypts your private keys and all other information directly on your device. Since no registration and account setup is necessary, all your private data stays with you, and no one else has access to your wallet.

Naturally, since you own all the data, it’s up to you to keep your wallet safe and be vigilant when clicking links online, as many can lead to a data breach where you might lose your private keys and your funds.

Ease of Use

Exodus is known as the best wallet for crypto mainly because it’s so easy to use. There are no complicated terms or confusing steps you should take in order to manage your funds. This wallet is designed for new crypto users to ease them into the world of cryptocurrencies.

Earning Interest

Cryptocurrency staking is another way to earn a passive income. If you’re in the crypto market and would like to stake some coins and earn, there’s an Exodus staking feature to get you started. You can stake the following coins:

  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Cosmos (ATOM)
  • Ontology (ONT) & Ontology Gas (ONG)
  • Solana (SOL)
  • Tezos (XTZ)
  • VeChain (VET) & Vethor (VTHO)

To start staking these coins, you’ll need to install the Rewards App. Go to Settings, click on Apps, and find Rewards. Once you install the app, you’ll find different APYs and various staking options.

History Access

Exodus is among the top crypto wallets that give you access to the history of your transactions. This is crucial for auditing your balance, preparing to file a tax report, and bookkeeping. 

You can also export your history and see total transactions, or select just sent, received, and exchanged transactions.

Crypto Apps

We already mentioned FTX Exchange and Rewards Apps in our Exodus wallet review, and now it’s time to explore other apps further. At the moment, Exodus also offers Exodus Shares, Solana NFTs, Compound Finance, and SportX apps.

One of the most interesting apps is Compound Finance, which provides you with more passive income. Compound Finance is a protocol that uses the Ethereum blockchain where you can lend your Ethereum to a pool of assets instead of individual users. 

Exodus Shares lets you participate in Exodus Public Offering. Exodus Offering has been filed with the SEC, and the ICO will serve to support Exodus wallet and its growth.

Solana NFTs App lets you send, display, share, and receive Solana NFTs. This feature is currently available for Android and Desktop versions of the wallet. Additionally, purchasing NFTs is only available via the Android app. There’s also an option to integrate Exodus wallet with My Ether Wallet and manage Ethereum NFTs.

SportX App lets you bet on sports events. It contains all upcoming events and odds to win.

Wallet Safety, Backup, and Recovery Process

Exodus recovery and Exodus wallet backup are crucial for keeping your wallet secured. Exodus wallet will serve you a 12-word secret recovery phrase that you should write down and store in a secure place. This secret recovery phrase will help you restore your wallet on any device.

Besides the 12-word phrase, Exodus will ask you to protect your wallet with a password. This password also protects your wallet. It can’t be recovered, and should be different from any other password you’re using online. This reduces the chance of your Exodus wallet being hacked and keeps your investment safe.

iOS and Android Exodus App

Exodus wallet is available for Android and iOS mobile phones. However, mobile apps offer somewhat different features than the desktop version of the wallet. Some tools are available only on mobile apps, while others are created for desktops.

Additionally, the Exodus wallet mobile app is the best way to control your wealth wherever you are, since the app can sync with the desktop version and offer a complete set of features. 

Overall, Exodus on iPhone and Android offers the same main features of sending and receiving your crypto. Some added features of mobile apps include one-touch easy management and additional security via fingerprint or Face ID for wallet access.

Based on user reviews, the mobile app is equally good as the desktop version. We also noticed that the developer teams respond to most reviews and take feedback seriously, meaning the people behind Exodus are devoted to making the best crypto wallet on the market.

Exodus for Mac

Exodus is also available for the M1 Mac version. It’s four times faster than an Intel MacBook, and the wallet is optimized for all M1 devices. Plus, Exodus goes through bi-weekly updates, so everything runs smoothly regardless of where you use the wallet.

Hardware Wallet Support

Exodus also supports the Trezor hardware wallet. You can connect the Exodus interface and use it to track Trezor portfolio price movements and live market information. What’s more, there won’t be any issues with Exodus if you own Trezor One and Model T, as these hardware wallets also work with Exodus.

There’s no signup or registration needed to start, and by using Trezor with Exodus, you’ll enhance the security of your investments, since your assets will remain offline.

Exodus Wallet Pricing

Below, you’ll read more about whether Exodus charges for its services and which features may require some fees.

Does Exodus Offer a Free Trial?

As we’ve already mentioned in our Exodus crypto wallet review, this crypto wallet is completely free to download. There’s no free trial, as you’ll get the complete wallet as soon as you download the setup file and run the installation process. The same goes for mobile apps—once you click the install button, you’ll get the complete wallet that’s yours forever.

The Exodus team is dedicated to creating the ultimate crypto wallet that’s free at all times. The only fees you’ll pay are the standard crypto transaction fees.

Exodus Wallet Fees

Sending and receiving digital assets would be impossible without the miners, and miners require fees for each transaction. These are all the fees you’ll have to pay, and 100% of them go to the network. Exodus wallet doesn’t require any fees for sending or receiving your crypto. Exodus also doesn’t take any fees for crypto withdrawals.

Does Exodus Need Your Credit Card?

Exodus will never require your credit card when it comes to crypto purchases. However, since all crypto purchases occur via FTX exchange, you can use your credit card for crypto purchases on the FTX platform.

Exodus KYC

Even though Exodus doesn’t use your credit card, as already mentioned in our Exodus crypto wallet review, there are some cases where you’ll have to pass the know-your-customer process. For example, if you wish to manage your funds via FTX exchange, you’ll be required to pass KYC.

Keep in mind that only FTX will have access to the information you provide to the exchange, regardless of it being connected to the Exodus wallet. Exodus won’t store any personal information, as you aren’t required to give away any data during wallet creation.

Crypto/Fiat Withdrawing Options

Withdrawing crypto from Exodus is easy, and you can use Exodus like you would any other wallet to send cryptocurrency. However, fiat withdrawals are not possible from Exodus wallet. There’s no way to connect your bank account to Exodus, but you can use a couple of other methods to withdraw fiat.

Using the FTX exchange app is the first one, where you can sell your digital assets for fiat. The other method is to use the Coinbase exchange. Transfer your crypto to Coinbase, exchange it for fiat, and withdraw using the platform.

Exodus Customer Service and Reliability

As soon as you land on the official Exodus wallet homepage, you’ll have access to a chatbot and live customer support. Additionally, you can reach out to the customer support team via Twitter, Facebook, and email at [email protected]

Keep in mind that you can’t reach Exodus support via telephone and that all numbers you may find online are a scam. The official website will also warn you that Exodus support should never ask for your password or 12-word secret phrase.

According to the overall Exodus wallet review on Trustpilot, most users are satisfied, claiming the Exodus team is highly supportive and will go the extra mile in helping users. Those who complained stated they experienced stolen funds.

When it comes to mobile apps, customer support and the dev team also respond to all reviews and do their best to help their users manage their funds. Overall, the Exodus crypto wallet review is positive for mobile apps as well.

Why Use Exodus Wallet

Exodus wallet is designed for those who have just entered the crypto world. Besides so many features, it has a beautiful design which is why it’s called the prettiest crypto wallet out there. Plus, it has a built-in exchange where users can purchase crypto.

Exodus is easy to use, there are no complicated terms you’d have to google, and as we found in our Exodus wallet review, customer service is top-notch.

What’s more, Exodus is free to use, and you’ll only pay the miners’ fees. In addition, Exodus supports Trezor hardware wallets, which add another layer of security. If you’re looking for a free, simple yet powerful wallet that works well across multiple devices and supports NFTs, be sure to test out Exodus.


At the moment, there’s no way to swap crypto for fiat without using the third-party exchange within the Exodus wallet. Once you enter the exchange section, you can exchange crypto for USD, and once it reflects in your USD wallet in FTX, you can withdraw it.

Another great way of getting your fiat is via Coinbase or any other exchange that’s available in your region. Simply transfer your preferred digital asset to another exchange, trade it for fiat and withdraw straight to your bank account.

Once you enter the cryptocurrency world, you’ll see that no wallet, app, or hardware device can promise you 100% protection, and neither can Exodus. However, since it’s an app with locally stored private keys and other data, it’s as secure as the device it’s on.

Additionally, you can make sure that the device is safe by using Face ID or Touch ID features for your wallet. Overall, Exodus is considered a safe app to use.

Exodus wallet and the company behind it have never been hacked. Plus, your assets are safely stored on the blockchain, not on Exodus. Exodus also doesn’t store your keys or asset information.

In general, your coins should remain safe on your device for as long as you’re careful about your private keys, wallet setup, and avoid malicious apps and websites.

There are two main differences between Exodus and Coinbase wallets. When it comes to Exodus, you keep your private keys to yourself. On the other hand, Coinbase is a custodial wallet, which means that the exchange keeps your private keys stored on the platform.

This means that if Coinbase is hacked, your funds might be compromised, while if Exodus is hacked, your private keys remain safe.

All Exodus users are anonymous, the company has no access to your identification information, and your private information stays private. For example, there’s no need for an account setup, so Exodus won’t collect your email, passwords, and similar data.

However, you might expose your wallet if you become a victim of a dusting attack, or you accidentally share your private information via apps like TeamViewer, Zoom, or Skype. As we showed in our Exodus wallet review, this is the safest wallet you can use.