Amazon Launches a Metaverse Game to Train People How to Use AWS

Amazon is one of the first companies to get interested in how the metaverse works and what it can offer. What’s more, the tech giant recently launched a metaverse-like game that should help people learn to use Amazon Web Services.

AWS Cloud Quest Helps People Build Cloud Computing Skills

The AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner is an online role-playing game that helps people improve or learn new cloud computing skills. Users move through a virtual city, solve IT issues, and earn points for completing simulations and puzzles.

Besides the points, users can receive new character styles, pets, city themes, hoverboard, or a unicorn pool float.

Amazon stated it launched AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner to explain core AWS services and categories, such as computing, storage, database, and security services. What’s more, users can also learn how to build basic cloud solutions.
Other companies looking to use metaverse are Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia, Unity, and others. However, it’s not only the companies that are benefiting from the virtual world. Many artists are also getting into it, especially singers, who stream their concerts in the metaverse realm.