Find the Best Crypto Exchange to Use in 2024

When you first start getting into cryptocurrencies, trying to choose the right exchange among the hundreds out there can be a bit daunting. With so many different options, prices, and regulations, getting some advice about how to choose the right one for you can go a long way. 

Generally, the best crypto exchange is the one with the easiest interface and the lowest fees, but there are other considerations as well. Security, privacy, and additional services are all ways that platforms differentiate themselves in this rapidly growing market. 

Keep reading to learn how crypto exchanges operate, what they offer, and how the registration process works. 

Why Should You Register on a Crypto Exchange?

If you decide to purchase Bitcoin or altcoins, registering on an online platform is an essential step. Crypto exchanges are so much more than just a marketplace. By definition, top crypto exchanges facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies with other assets, including fiat. 

This allows shopping for various coins, storing them, trading them, and withdrawing fiat in your bank account. Crypto exchanges provide the ultimate security and functionality so that you always have easy access. 

Most exchanges are easy to use if you just want to purchase crypto, and some even offer simplified views of the trading chart so you can try trading without a lot of experience. 

How to Find the Best Crypto Trading Platform?

Finding the right crypto exchange can be tricky. Your registration and access often depend on your location, as some platforms don’t accept certain countries. In most cases, you’ll usually have to pass a Know Your Customer process, which requires that you scan your ID and send it to the platform. 

While most of today’s exchanges are obligated to do this to prevent money laundering, you might have some reservations about sending your private data, even to the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Rest assured that finding a well-vetted and secure platform is possible. 

Consider the coin you wish to purchase and whether you require a swap process, such as with tokens. Depending on the project, some tokens require a swap, but not every exchange supports it. 

Finally, learn how many times the exchange has been attacked. Hackers will undoubtedly continue trying to breach exchanges and steal crypto, but some platforms are more secure than others.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2022


About This Exchange

Bitstamp is another one of the best Bitcoin exchanges as it provides a safe and reliable platform to purchase and trade Bitcoin and altcoins. With Bitstamp, you’ll get easy trading features, a high level of security on the platform, and advanced trading tools if you’re a professional trader. 

Main Features

Bitstamp offers withdrawals and deposits from anywhere in the world. Other features include: 

  • Intuitive interface
  • Safe offline storage of funds
  • Encrypted personal data
  • Premium access to trading features
  • TradeView
  • Bitstamp Earn

Registration Process

If you’re ready to test out one of the best crypto exchange websites in 2021, you can register on Bitstamp at any time. The registration is similar to other platforms, but you’ll have to wait for verification for about two days. By getting verified and passing KYC, you’ll have access to faster deposits and withdrawals. 

Bitstamp also offers a mobile app with full functionality and an intuitive interface. It’s available on Google Play and App Store, and you can start from here.


About This Exchange

Coinbase joined the crypto market in 2012, and today it offers one of the best crypto trading platforms. This exchange allows people across the globe to send and receive Bitcoin securely. It’s available in more than 100 countries, and over 65 million verified users store more than $180 billion assets on the platform. 

Main Features

You can start using Coinbase as soon as you link your bank account. It’s one of the best crypto exchanges and provides the following features: 

  • Portfolio management
  • Recurring purchases 
  • Secure storage
  • FDIC USD insurance up to $250,000
  • Variety of popular currencies 

Registration Process

To start with Coinbase, you should first make an account. Provide your legal name and email, and proceed to confirm it. Then you should verify your phone number, add personal information, answer the questions and click Continue. 

Move on to submitting your ID and finishing the verification. Keep in mind that even though it’s one of the best cryptocurrency exchange websites, Coinbase doesn’t support all countries. 

Check out this link to get started. 


About This Exchange

Binance offers the most comprehensive experience you can get when you register on a crypto exchange. The platform’s daily volume reaches $2 billion, but it’s not all about the money. With Binance, you’ll have access to crypto Academy, NFT marketplace, Trust Wallet, and more. 

Main Features

Binance’s long list of features makes it one of the best crypto exchange platforms in the USA and beyond. Binance has several products that you might consider using, for example: 

  • Binance Visa card
  • Binance Pay
  • Desktop client
  • Various trading options
  • The futures market, and more 

Registration Process

To create an account on Binance, start by clicking Register on the homepage. Provide your email and name, and follow the instructions if you have a referral code. Verify your mobile phone and complete the KYC process if you live in supported locations. 

To purchase crypto, you can connect your card or deposit funds to your account. If you need more, Binance is among the best US crypto exchange platforms, and it offers Android and iOS trading apps and a desktop client that’s supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. With these apps, you can trade anywhere. You can start from here


About This Exchange

Bisq is slightly different from other crypto exchanges. This platform is decentralized, meaning you are in complete ownership of your coins, and the exchange has nothing to do with them. Bisq also doesn’t ask for any private information and is a peer-to-peer network desktop software where no registration is required. 

Main Features

Based on Bisq’s features, it has the potential to become the best crypto exchange in the USA in 2021. There’s no need for ID verification, and you can start trading within minutes after downloading it. 

Other features include: 

  • Simple interface
  • Secure wallets
  • Locally stored data
  • Tor hidden Bisq nodes 

Registration Process

If you wish to enjoy a complete decentralization, you can proceed to download Bisq here. This app works on Apple, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. As soon as you download the app and add crypto, you can start creating offers. There’s no need for a registration process. 


About This Exchange

Kraken is on this list of the best crypto trading platform exchanges since it’s one of the first exchanges to exist right after Bitcoin was minted. Its users continuously name it one of the best places to buy and sell crypto. Kraken has low fees, various funding options, and high-security standards. 

Main Features

This exchange is packed with features that both institutions and individuals can benefit from. It supports over 50 trading pairs, and you can start your first purchase with as low as $10. These are the features: 

  • Security 
  • Staking
  • Margin trading
  • Futures
  • Cryptowatch
  • Over-the-counter trading 
  • Crypto guides

Kraken is one of the best crypto exchange platforms that’s easy to use and available in most countries. 

Registration Process

If you wish to check out Kraken, you’ll have to register here. You can do so by clicking the Create an Account button and entering your email and other data like creating a strong password. Once you receive an activation email, just confirm the activation, and you’re done. 


About This Exchange

Bittrex is one of the most trusted exchanges for its next-level security features. It’s the most secure exchanger in the market, and it provides the best possible experience for professional and new crypto users. Bittrex also has TradingView charts with real-time data. 

Main Features

Bittrex comes with a variety of features, but the essential one is its security. This exchange employs the most effective security solutions available, with all funds being kept in cold storage. The security is what makes Bittrex one of the safest platforms, and its trading features make it the best crypto exchange for day trading.

Other features are: 

  • Custom-built trading engine
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals 
  • Global availability 
  • Simple yet powerful user interface 

Registration Process

Bittrex account registration is similar to other exchanges in terms that it requires multiple security checks to verify the user. Start by visiting the Sign Up section and selecting your account as Personal or Corporate. 

Enter your information, create a strong password, and activate your account by verifying the email. Read and accept Terms of Service, fill out your profile, and proceed to ID verification. If you want to take Bittrex with you, get one of the best crypto exchange app tools on your Android and iOS devices.


About This Exchange

This exchange is among the most famous ones since it provides service to eight million users worldwide. The KuCoin ecosystem is also being built, and it will guide KuCoin users towards true decentralization. This platform is still being developed, and according to the roadmap, KuCoin will soon have a lot more to offer. 

Main Features

Being the best exchange for altcoins, KuCoin is a great platform to purchase various cryptocurrencies. Its features include: 

  • Fast buy
  • Purchases via credit or debit cards
  • Various types of trading
  • Trading bot
  • Futures 
  • Staking 
  • Crypto lending
  • Rewards hub, and more 

Keep in mind that trading on KuCoin is similar to other platforms, but you’ll have to learn how to set up selling and buying prices. 

Registration Process

KuCoin supports registration via email or mobile phone. To make your account, click on the Sign Up tab. If you’re signing up on this best bitcoin exchange with your email, you’ll receive a code that you’ll need to verify. If you select a mobile phone, you’ll receive an SMS. 

Keep in mind that users in some countries don’t have access to phone registration features, but they can still make an account with their email. 

After you’re done, submit your ID to pass KYC. To download a powerful KuCoin mobile app, visit this page


If you wish to become a part of the cryptocurrency market and are wondering where to buy altcoins, you should register on a crypto exchange. Today’s crypto exchanges provide the ultimate shopping and trading experience for both novice and experienced users. 

Most exchanges offer multiple options for fiat deposits and let you select up to 100 altcoins to purchase. Overall, these platforms are similar, with slight differences in terms of fees and security features. Still, most of the standard cryptocurrency platforms are centralized, meaning they have some level of access to your assets. 

Still, you can find the best crypto exchange that’s fully decentralized, meaning you’ll have complete control over your wallets and currencies in it. Keep in mind that centralized exchanges will likely require that you pass KYC and provide detailed info about yourself, while decentralized platforms tend not to require this process. 

People Also Ask

When selecting the right crypto exchange, there are several things to focus on, like platform security, available trading pairs, and exchange fees. Knowing how much you’ll pay for each transaction is crucial if you wish to trade your coins, and you’ll want to avoid exchanges that charge high fees. 

Security standards charge between 0.1% to 1% or more per trade and different percentages for purchasing via card, bank wire, or via other methods. There are some that charge less, however. Known crypto exchanges that have low fees are Kraken, Binance, and PrimeXBT.

At the moment, Coinbase is one of the most trusted exchanges on the market. When using it, your digital assets will be stored in offline storage. Coinbase also has a multi-signature vault that gives you more control over your funds. 

Another great thing about Coinbase is your assets are insured, and as such, if the platform ever gets hacked or suffers a system failure, you will be compensated for the loss. Other safe exchanges are Bittrex and Kraken.

If you’re looking for a crypto exchange in the US, Binance.US is a top choice. You can trade more than 50 currency pairs on Binance, download the app, and enjoy low fees.

If you’re looking for an exchange that’s based in the US, then Coinbase is another go-to. It can be used to buy, sell, or store Bitcoin and various altcoins. Coinbase is also highly secure, with no reported hacks or compromises, which makes it one of the best crypto exchange platforms out there.