9 Best Cryptocurrency App Tools to Uplift Your Experience

If you invested in the cryptocurrency market, knowing about the best cryptocurrency app tools to keep track of your portfolio, trade, and coin storage is a necessity. Luckily, there are various apps to choose from, and some can act as a three-in-one tool where you can read news, trade, and exchange crypto for fiat.

Learn about the latest apps so you can decide for yourself what’s right for you and your portfolio.

Why It’s Best to Use Apps to Buy Crypto

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, meaning a sudden change can cost you everything in your wallet. By using a crypto app, you gain access to instant trading, and you’ll be free to dollar-average your investments. These kinds of mobile apps enable you to withdraw fiat directly to your bank account, making these digital coins that much more real.

The best cryptocurrency apps aren’t used only for trading, however. Many offer ways to keep you informed about the latest news, helping you make good investment decisions. By installing a cryptocurrency app, you’ll always be ready to track the market’s movements and respond in time to prevent any major losses.

There are also portfolio trackers, where you’ll get detailed information about the latest prices of the coins and tokens you’re holding.

How to Find the Best App for Cryptocurrency?

In order to find out which app you’ll use the most, you should consider what you need the app to do. If you’re looking to separate the functions, keep in mind that crypto mobile apps can provide the latest information about the market, Bitcoin prices, and the net worth of your portfolio.

Alternatively, there are numerous trading apps where you can trade not only crypto but also Forex or stocks. Still, it’s likely that you’ll have to install at least two different apps so that you’ll always be informed.

The Best App for Crypto in 2021


Info About the App

Coinbase is a simple mobile app that lets you buy various cryptocurrencies. It also offers a portfolio section where you can keep track of the prices, the latest news, and your net worth. It’s suitable for both novice and experienced crypto investors. 

Overall, Coinbase is one of the world’s most trusted exchanges, with over 68 million users. It’s available in more than 100 countries, so it’s no wonder that this platform is cited as the best app to buy crypto. 

Main Features

Coinbase mobile app is packed with features: 

  • Link credit or debit card and instantly purchase crypto 
  • Convert crypto coins 
  • Send/receive crypto 
  • Crypto news and articles 
  • Portfolio management 
  • Crypto tracker 
  • Watchlists 
  • High level of security 
  • Crypto quizzes to earn small amounts of crypto 

One thing to keep in mind is that users claim Coinbase has high fees both for purchasing and selling coins. 

If you wish to have one of the best cryptocurrency app wallets on your phone, you can start from here


Info About the App

If you visit the official website of Gemini, you’ll find that it has everything you need to start your crypto journey. This platform has the best tools for beginners and active traders, and it provides a secure and simple interface. Gemini mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS, although not in all countries. 

Main Features

If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency trading platform that’s easy to use and safe to store your crypto, Gemini might be the right choice. The platform offers the following tools: 

  • Gemini Earn
  • Gemini Credit Card
  • Gemini Wallet
  • Gemini Active Trader
  • Gemini Pay

The features also include: 

  • Up to 3% back on purchases
  • Rewards in Bitcoin 
  • No annual fee

When it comes to the app, it offers: 

  • Recurring buys 
  • Price alerts 
  • Gemini for Wear OS
  • $10 for referrals 

This is one of the best cryptocurrency app platforms you can download and start using immediately. Visit this page to get started.


Info About the App

Being a part of the cryptocurrency market often means being a part of a project you’ve invested in. Telegram is a messenger app that helps you stay connected with the people who created and invested in the crypto project.

It is the best cryptocurrency app for beginners when it comes to simple, private, and fast messengers. 

Main Features

Telegram can do much more than messaging. Its groups can hold up to 200,000 members, and you can also enjoy channels where you can subscribe to the latest information about projects.

Its features include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Simple interface
  • Encrypted messages
  • No limits on media and file sizes 
  • Highly customizable

Telegram also has chatbot and tipping bot features where you can participate in airdrops and receive additional tokens from your favorite projects. Even though this is the best app for crypto communications, keep in mind that there are many scammers out there who will message you and try to get your private keys. 

To get this app for PC/Linux/Mac, or mobile devices, visit this page


Info About the App

KuCoin is a famous cryptocurrency exchange, and it also offers an excellent mobile app. This platform has about eight million users worldwide and is one of the first exchanges people hear about when they explore the industry. 

When it comes to the mobile app, KuCoin provides the best crypto trading app features you can find on the market and more. 

Main Features

The key features of the platform include: 

  • Spot trade
  • Margin trade
  • Lending
  • Pool-X

The mobile app provides the following additional tools: 

  • Community 
  • KuCoin Win
  • Staking
  • Rewards Hub
  • Trading bot
  • Futures 
  • Fast deposits/withdrawals

One of the most prominent features of KuCoin is its trading bot. Generated in a way that everyone can test it, a trading bot lets you copy successful trades and apply them to your investments. 

To get the best app for cryptocurrency and enjoy all the features, visit this link


Info About the App

BlockFi’s mission is to provide credit services to markets with limited access to financial products. This company is the only independent lender with institutional backing, which makes it a unique platform on the market. 

With BlockFi, you’ll enjoy both worlds: traditional finances and blockchain technology. This is why BlockFi is on our list of the best cryptocurrency app tools for 2021. At the moment, this platform has over one million verified users and manages over $10 billion in assets. 

Main Features

This platform that redefines banking also comes with a mobile app that houses the following features: 

  • BlockFi rewards 
  • Visa Signature Credit Card
  • No annual fee
  • Easy account creation 
  • No hidden fees
  • BlockFi interest account

If you’re looking for a mobile app that can work as your credit card and provide you with several financial services, BlockFi is the right choice. It’s among the best apps for cryptocurrency, and you can get it here


Info About the App

Brave is not a standard mobile app that you’ll use to store crypto or track the latest news. Instead, it’s a browser that prevents surveillance, quickly loads content, and saves on battery life. Brave is one of the best crypto-related browsers that also helps you receive rewards for using it. 

Brave also works on mobile phones and is one of the best crypto apps to use instead of Google Chrome, loading content up to six times faster than Safari or Firefox. 

Main Features

Brave has the following features: 

  • Import bookmarks and settings
  • Free browsing 
  • BAT rewards
  • Tracking prevention
  • Secure and simple to use
  • Can sync across devices 
  • Tabs and windows 
  • Extensions/plugins 
  • Brave firewall
  • Playlist (for iOS only)

If you wish to increase the security of your private data and still have the ultimate browsing experience, download one of the best browsing apps for Bitcoin on all your devices here


Info About the App

FTX (Blockfolio) is trusted by over six million users and is available in over 200 countries. It also shows the latest prices of over 10,000 currencies and even provides direct updates from teams. 

When investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to keep track of your investments. To do this, you’ll need an app that has a crypto portfolio feature, and Blockfolio can help. It’s one of the top crypto apps that joined FTX to provide ultimate features. 

Main Features

The main features of Blockfolio are: 

  • Project updates
  • A random free coin for $10 orders
  • Simple and effective interface and design 
  • Support for 15 exchanges 
  • BTC and ETH price alerts 
  • FTX Signals 

Blockfolio provides a seamless experience, easy portfolio tracking, and is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for the best crypto tracking app. To download the app, visit this page


Info About the App

Besides a portfolio tracking app, you’ll likely need a platform that can keep all your crypto investments secure. One such platform is Exodus. It’s a crypto wallet known for its sleek design and great features such as easy navigation and a built-in exchange option. 

It may be the best cryptocurrency wallet app for a desktop, and it supports over 100 currencies. It also supports mobile and hardware storage options, and it’s easily one of the prettiest wallets in the industry while remaining highly functional. 

Main Features

The design of this wallet isn’t the only thing it has to offer. It also includes: 

  • Easy navigation 
  • Transaction history 
  • Wallet lock 
  • Crypto rewards 
  • DAI deposits and interest 
  • Built-in exchange 
  • Live charts
  • 24/7 human support 

Exodus is available for desktop, mobile, and the Trezor hardware wallet. When it comes to the mobile app, it’s one of the best-looking designs out there, which makes it a top cryptocurrency app. If you wish to check it out, visit this page for Android and this one for iOS.


Info About the App

eToro is a leading social trading platform available worldwide that isn’t strictly limited to crypto markets. It’s also suitable for stock investors, CFD trading, and many others. eToro is also regulated by the FCA and CySec, is highly secure, and completely private. 

When it comes to cryptocurrencies specifically, eToro is among the best apps to buy cryptocurrency. It offers a variety of coins to choose from and supports Visa, Neteller, and even PayPal payments. 

Main Features

Once you create an account and start investing, you’ll receive free access to the latest crypto market research and news. As for the website, it has the following options: 

  • Trading on several types of markets
  • Investment portfolios 
  • Crypto staking
  • Investment insurance

When it comes to the eToro mobile app, it’s one of the few fully registered crypto service providers. As the best app to buy cryptocurrency, eToro mobile has the following tools: 

  • No deposit fees
  • Bank account deposits 
  • Copy Trader 
  • $100,000 in the virtual portfolio for testing out the platform

If you wish to see how eToro can benefit you, check out this page.


Investing in cryptocurrencies can be stressful. You may suddenly feel the need to know everything that happens on the market and keep track of prices. Luckily, many platforms offer excellent mobile apps that you can use to trade various coins and receive updates about fluctuations. 

By using some of the best cryptocurrency app tools, you’ll always know what’s going on with your crypto investments. Keep your investments close at all times, and the chance for a swift reaction whenever the markets move. 

The best thing about these apps is that they’re available globally and suitable for all traders and investors, novice users, and experts.