Binance Offers the First-Ever Initial Game Offering

The latest metaverse project from Binance, called Noah’s Ark, is set to tokenize an AI robot, Sophia. Binance is launching this as the first-ever Initial Game Offering, and the project will feature 100 intelligent NFTs.

The Auction Starts on December 16

The intelligent NFTs will be listed on the auction that will start on December 16. The auction will be named The Transmedia Universe of Sophia beingAI.

This IGO will make history with the first-ever limited-edition NFTs tied to an AI robot. Additionally, this auction will open doors to new methods of crypto funding.

Back in 2017, Initial Coin Offerings were the standard way for crypto projects to raise money. Unfortunately, the large number of ICOs came with multiple scams, which tarnished the ICO method of crowdfunding.

After ICOs, there were Security Token Offerings (STO) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), but now Binance will introduce IGO.

IGOs operate similarly to the other fundraising concepts, except it is strictly tied to gaming projects. IGOs can include early access passes, weapons, unique skins, or even characters. These collections can launch via auction, flat-rate sales, or mystery boxes.

Binance’s Noah’s Ark is an intelligent metaverse created to preserve human culture and evolve collective intelligence.

Sophia will come into play by becoming a virtual anime version of itself, known as an Intelligent NFT (iNFT). This iNFT will interact independently with others inside Noah’s Ark like Sophia does in real life.