Blockchain City Becomes Victim of a Discord Hack

CityDAO, called the blockchain city, falls victim to a $95,000 hack on Discord. The hacker penetrated the admin account and issued a fake “land drop,” stealing about 29 ETH during the process.

What is CityDAO?

CityDao is an experiment on the blockchain network. The project’s goal is to provide decentralized asset ownership in the form of the land, rights, and governance.

The project offers its investors a piece of real land in Wyoming, making it one of the first projects that work on introducing real-life parcels to a digital world. When the project was launched, the founder purchased 40 acres of land with the idea to build a blockchain city.

“Citizens” will be able to purchase a parcel by investing in related NFTs. In addition, CityDAO uses the Discord platform to inform its followers about the upcoming drops or NFT sales.

Unfortunately, the hacker managed to get into the account of Lyons800, an admin who later tweeted that the attack was a security breach from Discord.

This is also the second large attack via Discord channels in less than one month. The previous attack occurred on December 21, 2021, when Justin Kan’s NFT platform Fractal fell victim to a hacking attempt.
When it comes to Fractal, the hacker shared a malicious link that promoted a new NFT and managed to steal about $150,000.