Gamers Enjoy 101-In-1 Games – Mobile Gaming Platform

Those who love gaming, especially on mobile, can now enjoy a 101-in-1 games app. A European game developer and publisher, Nordcurrent, launched its mobile app called 101-in-1 Games, available for download globally.

What Is a 101-In-1 Games App?

A 101-in-1 games app is available for iPhones and Androids. It’s a compilation of 101 different mini-games in multiple genres. This 101-In-1 Games mobile app is ideal for gamers of all ages due to the various games on the app.

Some of the included games are puzzle games, arcade action, racing, cooking, and even Sudoku. The packed mobile gaming app is enough to satisfy the needs of any mobile gamer out there.

When users begin playing the games, they’ll get access to the first 10 mini-games. As they progress, new games will unlock, and they’ll earn a score for each of the mini-game they played.

About Nordcurrent

Nordcurrent is an international developer and video game publisher. Nordcurrent creates video games for consoles, hand-held devices, and PCs. The company was established in 2006. Nordcurrent is best known for its 101-in-1 Megamix series with over one million users globally.

The official trailer for the 101-In-1 Games mobile app is out and can be seen on the official Nordcurrent YouTube channel, which has almost 40,000 subscribers.