Metapolis Announces New Brand Partnership With Agora

Zilliqa-powered Metapolis project announces a key partnership with a new global talent awards app, Agora. Metapolis is the first-ever Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) platform. It’s created on unreal engine, unity, and Nvidia Omniverse and is ready to launch in a VIP event on April 2, 2022, in Miami, Florida.

Zilliqa and Metapolis Enter the US Market

This VIP event is supposed to celebrate the partnership and signal the expansion of Zilliqa and Metapolis to the US cryptocurrency market.

Metapolis has already attracted some ecommerce and NFTs businesses, and now it will also attract many globally-recognized creator-focused brands and esports organizations.

Agora is the latest one to join Metapolis. It’s a global talent award app that creators can use to upload their content and compete to win support, visibility, and recognition among the international community.

The app is open to music, videos, and NFT creators. It’s also the first app that measures the creators’ success by votes and not by a number of likes and followers.

What’s more, this partnership with Zilliqa and Metapolis aligns with the idea of supporting the creator economy and adding new engagement possibilities. This places Zilliqa at the forefront of web3 innovations.