New Year’s Eve Party in Metaverse

There’s been an ongoing talk about how the real world will mash with the virtual one and create a metaverse, a place where people meet online. A few days ago, it was possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the metaverse.

The real estate firm Jamestown got 170 parcels to host a virtual New Year’s party. Being the owner of Times Square, Jamestown created a 26-story tower for the New Year’s Ball drop in Decentraland.

The company also partnered with Digital Currency Group (DCG), a long-term Decentraland backer with significant investments in MANA and LAND cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

The Real-World Limitations

The rise of COVID cases led to a limitation in the number of people who could witness the ball drop on Times Square. Based on the latest information, there were only 15,000 fully vaccinated and socially distanced people for the New Year’s Eve ball drop. This event usually hosts about 58,000 people.

On the other hand, Decentraland does not limit the number of people who can join the celebration. Additionally, it can allow people around the world to experience something unique.

Jamestown’s president, Michael Phillips, stated that the metaverse is an important aspect of the evolution of real estate. He added that the metaverse gives people from all over the world access to places via immersive virtual experience.

It’s unknown how much Jamestown invested in this event. However, this is not the only metaverse-related investment from the company. Jamestown is also behind the VNYE app that offered a slightly different virtual experience of the New Year’s Eve party.