No Decline in the Number of Victims of the Crypto-Locking Malware

One of the most common attacks on personal computers and data is ransomware. Unfortunately, the number of victims that suffered this attack isn’t getting lower in 2021.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware attacks limit the person’s access to essential files on a device. The software blocks the computer and shows a message that states that a certain amount of cryptocurrency needs to be sent to the attacker to release the data back to the owner.

Still, not all ransomware attacks threaten to leak the data, but many post leaked information on extortion sites.

However, ransomware is usually used to attack organizations, and the number of victims remained all-time-high in September, according to Allan Liska.

Many ransomware notes also come with a timer that signifies that the amount will double if the victim doesn’t pay on time. The extortion sites represent another way of blackmailing the victim to pay as soon as possible.

If the person or the organization doesn’t send the money, a section of their valuable information will be posted on the extortion site with the intention to shame the person.

Still, many attackers keep the data locked once the money is paid. Many are also lying and actually don’t have any valuable information to leak.

Because of the high number of ransomware victims, the White House declared war on ransomware and showed initiative to improve the cyber resiliency of US businesses.