OnlyFans Jumps Into NFTs

The popular platform for adult content, OnlyFans, decided to get involved with NFTs. Following in the footsteps of Twitter, OnlyFans will soon let its users post NFTs as profile pictures. The CEO, Ami Gan, believes this is just an experiment to see how NFTs could fit into OnlyFans.

NFTs and OnlyFans Could Make Sense

OnlyFans announced it would get on the OpenSea marketplace. This means that the platform will only support NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the creators’ NFTs profile pic would show an Ethereum icon to mark them as authentic.

OnlyFans works on empowering its creators, and getting into the NFT marketplace definitely has potential.

OnlyFans was launched in 2016, but it became famous during the pandemic. The platform allows creators to sell content directly to subscribers and earn money. Even though OnlyFans was supposed to serve all types of content, the adult content creators somehow took over.

Today, besides the NFTs, OnlyFans considers exploring the cryptocurrency space. One former creator already joined WetSpace, a crypto platform alternative to OnlyFans.

Other popular platforms looking into NFTs include Twitter, Reddit, and even YouTube. Twitter already provides some NFT features to paying members that use an iOS device. Reddit is also considering NFTs as profile pictures. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer stated that this platform believes in NFTs and blockchain to improve the connection between creators and fans.