OpenSea Discord Server Suffers A Phishing Attack

NFTs are still quite popular in the cryptocurrency industry. Unfortunately, many NFT owners become victims of cyberattacks. One of the latest attacks targeted OpenSea Discord, and one user claims he got his NFT stolen.

NFT Marketplace OpenSea got its Discord server compromised when the attacker started posting phishing links via an account that was actually a bot. The bot posted an important announcement about OpenSea partnering with YouTube to introduce its community to the NFT space.

The bot also invited all users to a 100% free mint pass which was limited to 100 YouTube Genesis Mint Passes. The mint passes were supposed to allow for free NFT minting.

Another user, called Jasper, then notified EthereumWorldNews that OpenSea Discord was under attack. The officials have yet to post an announcement regarding this attack, but one user already stated he had lost one NFT.

The channel where the links were posted is now removed.

Many noted how important it is for projects to be aware of the latest forms of social attacks, including impersonation.

Unfortunately, this is not the only time an NFT project gets hacked. For example, Bored Ape Yacht Club had Discord and Instagram hacked, resulting in stolen NFTs.