Pakistan to Introduce National AI Policy

Federal Minister of Information Technology and Communication Syed Aminul Haque stated that the federal government would soon introduce the country’s national AI policy. Artificial intelligence has already been present for a while, penetrating multiple industries across the globe. However, it brought additional troubles regarding cyber security.

Pakistan to Keep up With the Technological Developments

Haque also stated that cyber security is the most critical pillar of the 2021 digital policy. Additionally, the digital transformation of Pakistan corresponds with necessary cyber security. He added that Pakistan’s first cyber security policy was approved this year and that the government is fully dedicated to introducing the national AI policy soon.

Haque highlighted the importance of IT and economic developments and said that the ministry is clear about making Pakistan digital.

The federal cabinet already became paperless by shifting work to tablets and smartphones. Soon enough, the governance of parliament will also be made paperless.

What’s more, the ministry is ready to work with academia and industry leaders to better consider current recommendations on data protection and cyber security.

The IT ministry is devoted to equipping 60% of the Pakistan youth with IT expertise by providing 3G and 4G services, especially in remote areas of the country.

Chairman of IR-Next, Dr. Khalid, thanked Haque for the initiative in the IT sector. 
IR-Next provides blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence solutions to private and public sectors.