President Bukele Predicts $100,000 Bitcoin Rally

There have been many predictions about Bitcoin’s price, and investors remain highly optimistic for 2022. In 2021, El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender, and today, the president of the country claims Bitcoin can hit $100,000 in 2022.

Growth of El Salvador, Bitcoin City, and Volcano Bonds

President Bukele also predicts explosive growth of El Salvador with his two Bitcoin initiatives — Bitcoin City and Volcano bonds.

Additionally, president Nayib Bukele shared a few other predictions for 2022.

His first prediction is related to the Bitcoin price, where he states Bitcoin will hit $100,000. Bukele also claims two other countries will adopt Bitcoin as legal tender but doesn’t name them. Bitcoin will also become a huge electoral issue in the next US elections.

Finally, his two initiatives, Bitcoin City and Volcano bonds, will expand, with Bitcoin City starting construction.

Bitcoin City is predicted to become a fully functional place with residential areas, shopping centers, restaurants, and more, all focused on using Bitcoin.

However, El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption faces a few challenges. One of the latest issues is a report on missing funds from the country’s in-house Bitcoin wallet, Chivo. Allegedly, a bug in the wallet caused total losses of about $96,000.

Bukele also invited his Twitter followers to prepare for the Bitcoin 2022 Conference and a big surprise.