Shiba Inu Holders Can Now Play a Game and Burn SHIB

The Shiba Inu token still generates chaos in the cryptocurrency market. After the latest all-time high, the price drop disappointed investors, but many are still holding their bags. Luckily for them, there’s a new way of burning the token.

The Community Burns Move On

ShibArmy is doing all it can to find new methods of token burn. These investors know that each burn helps permanently reduce the supply, which can increase the price of SHIB in the long run. The SHIB burn party continues, but hodlers know they need to do more.

The Doge killer can now be burned with a mobile game. Bricks Buster is a mobile game that burns SHIB via ad revenue.

The developer of Bricks Buster, Travis Johnson, didn’t initially create the game to burn the token. Still, since he owns SHIB, he decided to offer the game to ShibArmy to help them burn tokens.

At the moment, the game burns $10 each day. The burning feature also led to an 800% increase in game traffic.

Travis claims that with more ShibArmy people involved, the game could burn thousands of dollars daily at no additional cost to SHIB holders. He also states that this could increase SHIB’s value long-term and believes that every new burn feature can improve holders’ lives.

Bricks Buster mobile game is available for Android and iPhone.