Some Investors Put More Money Into Crypto Than Stocks

Many new and traditional investors suddenly became bullish on crypto and want to make it a part of their crypto portfolio. The latest ETF approval also brought in new investors who are betting more on digital assets.

In September, people invested on average $263 in crypto, which is more than the average of $250 they invested in traditional assets. Still, this number changes each month. Overall, in 2021, nearly 25% of the investors’ money is going into crypto.

When it comes to Bitcoin, it’s up 130% per year to date, and the latest price rally happened right after the US ETF approval.

Investors Are Learning as They Go

The latest shift from traditional stocks to cryptocurrencies is evident among new investors. Almost 70% of the people have been trading the assets for less than a year.

Additionally, most new investors don’t consider themselves experts on digital assets. A majority also stated they have a limited understanding of cryptocurrency, yet that doesn’t stop them from investing.

Overall, new investors are always advised to handle due diligence before investing in new projects. In addition, education is crucial since the market is highly volatile and investing in the right coin is crucial.

With the right crypto investment, investors can expand their portfolios and store their money in safe assets.