US and UK Blame Russia for Cyber Attacks in Ukraine

Cyber security should be the key focus in the years to come, as many of these attacks could be used for cyberwarfare. Currently, the US and the UK governments claim that Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency carried out cyber attacks on Ukraine’s websites.

White House Claims Russia Is Responsible

According to the White House, Russia appears to be responsible for the latest cyberattacks that took down Ukraine’s government agencies and major banks in January.

The US government has technical information that connects Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) to these hacks. The GRU infrastructure has allegedly sent out high volumes of communication to Ukraine’s websites.

The UK has also noted that Russia’s GRU is involved. Still, the attacks had limited impact, thanks to Ukraine’s officials, who quickly secured the sites.

The attackers left a message on Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish, stating that all the personal data stored on the websites had been uploaded to the public network. Additionally, the message said that the data on the computers are destroyed, and there’s no way to restore it.

The White House also called our Kremlin, stating that the global community must be ready and aware of malicious cyber activity. The White House also called the community to keep the actors accountable for any disruptive cyber activity.
Furthermore, the US government believes that Russia could carry out more powerful cyber attacks in the future.