Ziglu Reaches £7.19 Million and Closes Crowdfunding

Ziglu is a new platform where people can invest, earn, spend, and exchange cryptocurrency. Recently, it reached £7.19 million and closed the crowdfunding phase. Ziglu is British-based and regulated. The platform uses bank-grade security and encryption to keep the users’ funds safe.

Ziglu’s Prior Success

Ziglu app, founded by the former Starling Bank co-founder and CTO Mark Hipperson, recently closed its crowdfunding after scoring a high equity raise.

However, this is not the first time Ziglu reached its target. In December last year, it hit its £1 million target in three hours, finally reaching £6 million from 1,250 investors on Seedrs.

In 2020, Ziglu’s shares were £34 in the campaign. In June 2021, Zigly’s shares reached £57.36, as June was the busiest month. Today, shares stand at £48.30 with only 5% of the company’s equity on offer.

Right now, Ziglu is combining crowdfunding with a Series A round with venture capital firms. Hipperson believes that the last crowdfunding round that reached £7 million only shows the confidence investors have in what Ziglu has to offer.

Users can store their cryptocurrencies on Ziglu and earn 5% interest with instant access and no penalty fees. The platform also offers debit cards where people can store crypto.