9 Out of 10 Cyber Attacks Target Russia or Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine doesn’t happen only on the fields. Unfortunately, it also occurs in cyberspace. According to recent data, a total of 89% of global cyber attacks are now targeting Russia or Ukraine.

Many Cyber Attacks Are Focused On Financial Services

At the moment, a significant part of cyber attacks is focused on financial services and financial businesses. These attacks are conducted as a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) – a total of 90% of them.

Cybercriminals have also recently launched about 70% of cyber attacks on Russia. On March 5, this country suffered a total of 5 billion attacks, as Anonymous declared a cyberwar on Russia.

The group has leaked government employee data and attacked Russian state TV channels.

When it comes to Ukraine, it has so far seen about 19% of cyber attacks. Several days before the war started, Russian hackers attacked the website of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and two large banks.

Cyberwars are becoming a reality, and cyberattacks disrupt essential services. Hackers are throwing down financial, government, and military websites and even TV services to damage the usual operations of the entities and disrupt communication and propaganda.