Samsung Confirms Data Breach After Leaked Internal Source Code

Samsung has recently confirmed a security breach after hackers gained access and released close to 200 gigabytes of personal data, together with the source code for various technologies and algorithms.

The Group Of Hackers Also Infiltrated Nvidia

The group of hackers that attacked Samsung has a track record of conducting cyber attacks. Lapsus$ has also infiltrated Nvidia and published thousands of employee credentials online.

In the recent Telegram announcement, Lapsus$ said it got access to the source code for trusted applets that were installed in Samsung’s TrustZone. Unfortunately, Samsung phones use TrustZone for performing sensitive operations like biometric unlocking.

What’s more, Lapsus$ said it also had stolen the data from the US chipmaker Qualcomm, a company that supplies Samsung with the chipsets.

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed this security breach but noted that hackers had no access to personal data from customers or employees.

They added that Samsung doesn’t expect any impact on its customers or business. Samsung also implemented measures to prevent these events from happening in the future, and the company will proceed to serve its customers without interruption.

Qualcomm also states it’s aware of the recent Samsung cyber attack. It’s working with Samsung to explore the scopes of the incident and check whether any Qualcomm information got out.

While Lapsus$ went the extra mile in its demands from Nvidia, it didn’t make any ransom requests from Samsung before leaking the data.