A Blockchain Project Rewards Healthy Habits With Tokens

There are many use cases for blockchain technology, even though many believe it’s strictly related to cryptocurrencies. One such use case is related to health care. One of the recent blockchain projects was developed to track and store personal health information.

Blockchain in the Health Industry

Since blockchain technology can be used to store information in a highly secure environment, this tech found its way into the healthcare industry. Rosanne Warmerdam, the CEO of Health Blocks, explains that her team has developed a way to store patients’ data without compromising anyone’s privacy.

According to Rosanne, the team wanted to give users control over their health data. This is why Health Blocks was created. It was built on the IoTeX blockchain, and it collects information from wearables and other similar devices. Then, it connects it all into a decentralized health profile.

What’s more, once the user reaches a certain health goal, the platform will reward them. Warmerdam noted that she and her team worked hard to make a healthy lifestyle fun and rewarding.

For example, when a Health Blocks user hits 10,000 steps a day, this will activate a smart contract that will send the token rewards to the user’s profile.
Several other health care projects experiment with the use of blockchain technology. According to recent estimates, blockchain tech will soon face more breakthroughs in the medical field.