Blockchain Timestamping Becomes Professional With Uproov

Uproov is a new smartphone app that brings real-time global timestamping features. This means that the app can help anyone prove almost anything without the need for trusted intermediaries and third parties.

Timestamping Replaces Notary Functions

Timestamping system is basically a notary function. However, it’s 100% trustable and more economical. There’s also an added feature of timestamping at any time, whenever the user wants to.

Timestamping is more trustable than the notary systems because the documents can’t be touched by anyone or altered in any way since the signature is written on the immutable blockchain.

If, by any chance, the documents get altered, the hash won’t match with the one on the blockchain, and the manipulation will easily be detected.

Some of the best examples of using timestamping include posting a video on the blockchain that nobody can change or prove that certain artwork belongs to one person.

Timestamping is also great for patented work and offers unlimited potential for real-world use cases.

This is the reason Uproov is read as “you prove.”

There are major differences between Uproov and other similar services. Primarily, Uproov is the app on a smartphone and not a web page to upload documents onto. Secondly, regular services allow users to upload any file on the app, not just documents that could be counterfeited.

With Uproov, the hash is created simultaneously as the file is made on the phone. Plus, the app allows users to upload existing files, but they’ll be marked differently.