7 Best Ethereum Miner Programs to Get in 2024

Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency, offering many similar features and much more. Just like BTC, you can mine Ethereum, and to do that, you’ll need the best Ethereum miner hardware and software.

When it comes to Ethereum mining, some would claim that it’s not that profitable unless your electricity costs are low and you have a decent hash rate. Still, with the right configuration, you can earn enough to cover your expenses while mining.

Here are some of the best ETH mining programs currently available:

Why Should You Use Ethereum Mining Software?

One of the reasons for mining Ethereum is to make money. As a miner, you’ll receive rewards for solving complex equations that make the blockchain work properly and help transactions move swiftly. 

Through mining ETC, you help prevent double spend, increase the volume of the currency in circulation, and help secure the network. 

In order to mine cryptocurrencies, hardware and software components are required in order to get started. With the right settings, you can still profit by mining this coin, although, you should also know that the mining process for Ethereum takes up a lot of energy. 

How to Mine Ethereum?

The method of mining Ethereum depends on the type of process and hardware. There are several ways to mine it, including CPU, GPU, and ASIC, cloud mining, solo mining, and pool mining. It’s up to you to decide which mining method is best based on the amount you wish to invest and the hardware you have access to. 

Other things to pay attention to are hardware and software requirements. As far as finding the best Ethereum miner software, ensure that the program is tailored to the Ethash algorithm. The best operating system is Windows 10, although there is some software that works on other OSs. Still, you can easily configure Windows to work the best. 

A mining pool address is also needed, and when it comes to graphic cards, you’ll need at least 3 GB RAM. Then, you can proceed to set up the GPUs, select a mining pool, create a wallet, select the software, generate a BAT file, and start mining. 

The Best Ethereum Miner Software for 2024


Info About the Miner

Ethermine platform is the highest performing ETH mining pool. It has a simple user interface, and its hash rate is about 175. Ethermine has over 313,000 active miners and offers the basic mining features with a list of the latest mining blocks. 

Main Features

Of all the currencies, Ethereum may not be the fastest or easiest crypto to mine, but Ethermine comes with the following useful features: 

  • Anonymous mining 
  • Real-time PPLNS scheme
  • Accurate hash rate reporting
  • Low fee of 1%
  • Instant payouts 
  • Mining servers in Europe, Asia, and the USA
  • All mining rewards paid
  • Full stratum support
  • iOS, Android, and Telegram apps

Ethermine supports mining of the following currencies: 

  • ETH
  • ZEC 
  • ETC
  • BEAM
  • RVN
  • ERG

You’ll also have access to the Help Desk in case you can’t manage ETH mining on your own. 

This is one of the best Ethereum mining pool platforms that’s straightforward to use with the combination of the right hardware. It’s available for Windows AMD, Windows NVIDIA, Linux AMD, and Linux NVIDIA. 

If you wish to start mining with this ETH miner, check out this link


Info About the Miner

This miner works on Plug&Play Linux Mining OS Platform for crypto GPU mining. SimpleMining supports all the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPUs and a few different algorithms. With this miner, there’s no need to configure Windows, and you can utilize the power of Ethereum mining hardware with ease. 

Main Features

SimpleMining has the following features: 

  • Rig monitoring
  • Hardware details and stats for up to two years
  • Rig management 
  • Overclock and undervolt 
  • Cloud dashboard
  • Automatic updates 
  • Live support and many more 

You’ll have to register to start using this ETH miner, and if you get stuck, you’ll have access to chat support. 

Regarding the hardware support, all kinds of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs are supported. System requirements are as follows: 

  • PC with at least 7 GB drive 
  • Internet with DHCP in LAN network 
  • Registered account 
  • Upgraded latest bios, and more

You can download this Ethereum mining software and see the full list of requirements here


Info About the Miner

RaveOS is an operating system designed by miners for miners. The developers behind Rave have considered all potential issues of the current mining programs, which resulted in this software. 

It offers the best hash rate with less power. The platform claims to provide everything a miner needs to increase hash rate performance and stability with less downtime and low power consumption. RaveOS supports a variety of graphic cards and ASICs. 

Main Features

RaveOS is completely free to use and is one of the best Ethereum miner operating systems, packed with features that include: 

  • Easy installation for small and large mining farms 
  • ASIC custom firmware 
  • Fully organized control and monitoring
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • Tags 
  • Notifications
  • Statistics, reports, and wallet management 
  • Device management and overclocking

To start using this software, you’ll need to log in or create an account.

Unfortunately, Rave operating system is not available for Windows. Still, you can get it for iOS and Android phones completely free. 

Check out the download link here.


Info About the Miner

EthOS is one of the simplest ways to start mining Ethereum in 2022 with a Linux operating system that acts as an operating system that supports Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and several other GPU-mineable coins. Everything you mine with EthOS can be autotraded to Bitcoin. 

Main Features

EthOS comes with the following features: 

  • Free upgrades
  • Boots and mines 
  • Automatic alerts 
  • Browser-based terminals 
  • Hardforks and softforks 
  • Stratum enabled 
  • GPU overheating protection and more

Still, this ETH miner has some limitations. Some features are available but not recommended. For example, if you want to manage wireless networking, solo-mining, or GUI-based rig, you’re advised to do so at your own risk. 

It’s important to note Ethereum mining software won’t work on Windows 10 and doesn’t work with ASIC or CPU mining. The requirements are as follows: 

  • At least 8 GB HDD
  • USB 3.0
  • 64-bit system 
  • GPUs 

To see the full list of requirements and limitations and download the software, visit this page


Info About the Miner

This is an intelligent miner application that pairs open-source miners like Ethminer with a powerful algorithm that can automatically provide optimal performance on almost any hardware and software combination. This is one of the best mining GPU software programs for 2022 that offers support for AMD and NVIDIA mining. 

Main Features

WinETH comes with the following features: 

  • Integrated automatic update system
  • Background mode for low-power mining
  • Digicert digital signature and validation
  • Automatic mining pool
  • Dev fee of 1%
  • Ethereum Classic support

The system requirements for WinETH are: 

  • Dedicated GPU with at least 3 GB
  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10m 64-bit
  • The latest drivers installed on the card
  • ETH wallet synced with the miner
  • WinETH operating system

This miner has detailed instructions about how to install it so that you can instantly benefit from ETH mining. 

To download this Ethereum mining software for Windows, visit this link.

Claymore Dual Miner 

Info About the Miner

Claymore Dual Miner is one of the easiest ETH miners to download and use to mine this currency. It works with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. Claymore offers the fastest ETH mining features with low dev fees. This miner works on all devices with Windows and Linux OS. 

Main Features

Claymore Dual miner has the following features that make ETH mining easier than ever and the best Ethereum miner for 2022: 

  • Up to 5% higher speed
  • Higher GPU load
  • Optimized OpenCL code 
  • Optimized assembler kernels 
  • GPU freeze checkup 

With Claymore Dual Miner, you can also check how much you mined, and as soon as your earnings reach 0.01 ETH, it will be sent to your wallet automatically. These easy features make it ideal for beginner miners, looking to get a straightforward start.

This mining software for Ethereum also works with mixed mining rigs and runs on Windows x64 and Linux x64. To start mining, download the software, review a batch file, and configure the miner. 

Remember to set up your ETH mining pool address and ETH wallet. Download Claymore Dual Miner here


Info About the Miner

This is another one of the fastest ETH miners in the industry. It’s a mining pool with over three million global users that lets you mine not just Ethereum but also Monero, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, and a few other currencies. 

Main Features

MinerGate offers more than just the best mining software for Ethereum. There are multiple mining pools available on the homepage, and its services include: 

  • Blockchain explorers
  • Calculator
  • Pool stats
  • Service monitor 
  • Lumi wallet
  • MinerGate token
  • 99% of uptime backed by SLA
  • Enterprise-grade network protection 
  • Low fees 
  • Fast payout 

There are two software packages to consider downloading: xFast GUI Miner and xFast Console Miner. Both work well on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu operating systems, and there’s also a mobile app for Android where you can check your devices and balances. 

To download MinerGate, visit this page


Ethereum may not be as profitable as Bitcoin, with one of the best Ethereum miner programs and the right hardware, you can still earn enough to cover your expenses. 

Mining Ethereum is also a great way of entering the market without directly investing in the coin. Instead, you can purchase the equipment that you can later sell if ETH proves to be too cheap to mine or store it for future use. Still, in every bull market, you’ll likely have a high ROI since the coin will grow even more. 

People Also Ask

To start mining Ethereum, you’ll need the right hardware and software configuration. Even though it takes a lot of energy, Ethereum can still be mined with a GPU and as low as 3 GB RAM. Naturally, you’ll need powerful GPUs and matching software that’ll mine the crypto. 

When it comes to hardware, GeForce, GeForce RX, and Radeon RX GPUs work well and can provide the optimal mining features. Software-wise, you can choose from a variety of programs online that are free to download.

There are several available programs that help you utilize the power of your GPUs. For example, Claymore Dual Miner is one of the most powerful ETH miners used to mine this currency. This miner works with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs. 

WinETH is an intelligent miner application that provides the best performance on almost any hardware and software setup. You can also consider the mining pools, like Ethermine or MinerGate.

Mining cryptocurrency can be highly profitable, depending on which coin you decide to work with. At the moment, miners with GPU settings can enjoy mining Ethereum 2.0, which operates on a Proof of Work consensus. The change in Ethereum means that miners have roughly one to two years left to reap the rewards. 

Still, in 2022, mining ETH is profitable. The catch is to start as soon as you can and update the mining rigs for the best results.

The time that it takes to mine one ETH varies, and it depends largely on the current difficulty rate and your hash power. The latest data shows that it might take about seven days to mine one coin, but that will likely change in the future. 

It’s best you treat mining like you would any other business where you can’t immediately receive high ROI. In time, you might also find other coins worth mining, and you won’t rush to mine a whole Ethereum.

In the last few years, Ethereum has become a favorite among crypto enthusiasts. Its mining works similarly to Bitcoin, where miners generate block transactions and help maintain the blockchain. While most use GPUs, Ethereum can also be mined with CPUs or ASIC settings.

Still, mining Ethereum is profitable for those who can save on electricity costs and already own a mining rig. Purchasing new hardware may not be that profitable in the long run, but at least even the best Ethereum miner programs are free.