9 Best Mining Pool Platforms to Get You Going in 2024

Once you set up your Bitcoin mining hardware, it’s time to join some of the best mining pool platforms and get some rewards for mining Bitcoin. In addition, some of the platforms let you mine other profitable digital assets and expand your crypto portfolio.

Registering at a mining pool will give you additional crypto for free, and it can be a unique passive income opportunity. The list below will help you decide on the right mining pool.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin Mining Pools?

On its own, Bitcoin mining is not that complicated. Instructions for hardware settings are available all over the internet, and mining software is mostly free. Still, the more miners are out there, the smaller chances you might have to find new blocks.

This is why sometimes you must join a mining pool in order to receive rewards. A mining pool is a collection of miners that work together to find and mine a block. Some of the best mining pools will provide you with enough resources to help you keep your revenue income steady. 

Many mining pools conduct daily payouts and are suitable for ASIC, GPU, and CPU mining operations. In addition, the right mining pool won’t take a high fee.

Still, keep in mind that Ethereum will soon move to ETH2, which means you’ll have to stake your coins and not mine them in a traditional way, so be on the lookout for a pool that supports staking.

How to Begin with Bitcoin Mining?

You can start mining Bitcoin by setting up a CPU or GPU hardware. The best way to start mining BTC is with ASIC. However, GPU hardware settings are better for some altcoins like Ethereum. 

Set up the mining hardware and connect it to the internet. After that, download crypto mining software that will give you access to the crypto mining pool. Don’t forget to set up your address, where you’ll receive rewards for mining.

Best Mining Pool Platforms for 2024

Awesome Miner

Info About the Miner

Awesome Miner is a management utility available for multiple operating systems. It’s not a standard mining pool, but a set of tools to help you mine your preferred coins.

At first glance, the official website of Awesome Miner seems like it was built before Bitcoin. But upon further exploration, you’ll find that it’s packed with information on how to mine crypto. 

Besides being one of the best mining programs, Awesome Miner can be used with many mining pools to increase your chances of earning rewards and is among the highly trusted cloud mining sites out there.

In addition, Awesome Miner works with GPU, CPU, and ASIC hardware settings. This platform offers cloud services that let you manage and monitor your mining operations from any device and location.

Main Features

Awesome Miner is packed with features that you’ll love, especially if you’re a beginner. In addition, you’ll find all the necessary information to become a successful minor on the site.

You may also find that Awesome Miner is one of the best mining pool platforms for Bitcoin. These are some of its features:

  • Native overclocking
  • Profit switching
  • Power consumption
  • GPU monitoring
  • ASIC support
  • Antminer firmware
  • Automation and SSH
  • Notifications and recovery
  • Dashboard
  • Mining history
  • Option to organize miners
  • One-click pool setup, and more

Before deciding on this mining software, check the list of predefined mining pools here. If you wish to download this software, you can start from this page


Info About the Pool

Once you land on Nanopool’s homepage, you’ll see several options for mining different currencies—Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Monero, Raven, Conflux, Ergo, and Picopool. This mining pool was opened in 2015 as a part of the Finom AG blockchain holding.

You can briefly explore the hashrates, the number of miners, coin value, withdrawing limits, and the mining algorithm. One of the best things about Nanopool is that there’s no need to register a user account. In addition, it’s among the best Monero mining pools.

Main Features

Based on the reviews we read online, Nanopool should have its main menu on the website, where you can find infographics on the hash of the pool and other network statistics. However, at the moment, you can get additional information for each pool separately. 

Other features for each pool you can select include:

  • A common pool hersheath involved in coin mining
  • The number of blocks mined daily
  • Statistics on crypto miner participants
  • Mining rates
  • List of pool benefits
  • The feed of the last mined block
  • Table with network settings, and more

It might take some time to get used to the appearance of the platform, but once you check out a couple of pools, you’ll know what you’re looking at.

Nanopool also offers regular payouts, friendly support, and apps for iOS and Android.

To start mining with Nanopool, visit the homepage and click Quick Start on the coin you wish to mine.


Info About the Pool

F2pool is a well-known global mining platform that helps miners team up and speed up the mining process. The platform collects 2.5% of miners’ profits as commission. This pool is based in China and is also known as Discus Fish. 

It started operating in 2013, and today it has over two million users. It’s one of the leading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin mining pool platforms. 

In addition to these popular currencies, F2pool provides mining services for over 40 other digital assets like Siacoin, Verge, Dash, and many more.

F2pool is highly secure thanks to its wallet lock feature, which protects your wallet even in the case of a hack.

Main Features

The main features of this Bitcoin mining software are:

  • Mobile app
  • Transparent income generation
  • Profit goes to all group miners
  • Intuitive account creation
  • Offline notification mode
  • US, Germany, Russia, Singapore, and China servers 
  • Daily payments

It’s worth noting that, since F2pool is based in China, you should be careful while using this pool. This is because the China crypto ban might affect it.

F2pool is available for mobile devices as well. To create an account and download your preferred version of the software, visit the homepage.


Info About the Pool

This crypto mining pool was run by Bitmain Tech Ltd until 2021, and is now independent. To start using it, you should register with an email. Then, you’ll get an account and a three-level account system, which is ideal if you plan to run a mining farm.

This pool supports PPS+, PPLNS, SOLO, and other earning models.

A Smart Pool section schedules your hashrate to mine the most profitable currency and score a higher profit.

Antpool mining supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and more currencies. The platform also comes as a mobile app so you can manage your mining accounts and receive real-time mining data.

Main Features

If you wish to test out this crypto miner, these are the features you’ll enjoy:

  • Account, sub-account, group, and three-level account system
  • Shared account authorization
  • Automatic settlement and daily payouts
  • Mining pool stats
  • Transparent earnings
  • App, email, SMS, and WeChat notification service
  • Warnings based on the hashrate threshold you select
  • 24/7 stable mining network
  • 100% true hashrate
  • Excellent customer service
  • A 0% fee for the first month at the launch of new currencies

The mobile app also allows for an improved user experience.

Register at the homepage and check out the instructions on how to download a mobile mining app here.

2miners pool 

Info About the Pool

2miners claims to be geared towards professional miners. The goal of this platform is to create an easy-to-use mining pool for miners of all types and sizes. The pool is designed by experienced blockchain developers with a focus on professional miners.

You can mine Ethereum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Ergo, Beam, Zcash, and many more alts in this mining pool.

In addition, 2miners is among the most profitable mining pools for GPU and ASIC. Data centers are located in Europe, the US, and Asia.

Main Features

2miners is packed with features that include: 

  • GPU and ASIC support
  • Regular payments
  • Rig monitoring bot
  • NiceHash compatibility
  • Email and Telegram notifications
  • Comprehensive stats
  • Great customer support
  • Multiple mining algorithms

To start using 2miners, visit the homepage and FAQ for all the details.


Info About the Pool

NiceHash is among the best Bitcoin mining pool platforms that support ASIC, CPU, and GPU mining. The platform was founded in 2014, and it soon became the world’s leading crypto mining and trading place.

NiceHash has over one million active daily workers and 650,000 miner users, and it’s available in more than 190 countries.

In addition, NiceHash offers regular payments, high-end security, system stability, and massive amounts of hashing power that make it the biggest Bitcoin mining pool in the industry. 

Main Features

The main features of NiceHash include: 

  • Profitability calculator
  • Stratum generator
  • Miner stats
  • Private endpoints
  • Easy to use mining software
  • Trading feature within the platform
  • Multi-switching algorithm
  • Low payout at 0.001 BTC
  • Pool verificator tool
  • Hashrate marketplace, and more

If you wish to check out NiceHash and all its features, head over to the homepage and click Get Started to create a NiceHash account and connect your hardware to your preferred mining pool. 

Bitfly (Ethermine)

Info About the Miner

Bitfly, or Ethermine, is one of the best mining pools for Ethereum. With its simple user interface and a hashrate of about 300, Ethermine has more than 300,000 active miners earning rewards daily.

In addition, Ethermine now offers mining features for ETH2. This means that the platform is ready for the moment Ethereum shifts from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake and will allow holders to stake their investments in a staking pool.

Besides ETH2, you can also mine ZEC, ETC, BEAM, RVN, and ERG coins.

Main Features

Ethermine comes with the following useful features for the PoW Ethereum mining pool:

  • Real-time PPLNS payouts
  • Accurate hash rate reporting
  • A low fee of 1%
  • Instant payouts 
  • Mining servers located in Europe, Asia, and the US
  • Payment for blocks and fees
  • Full stratum support
  • Low orphan rate
  • Detailed statistics
  • Email notification system
  • iOS, Android, and Telegram apps  

The features related to the mining of ETH2 include:

  • Non-custodial pool
  • Shared MEV & TX Fee rewards
  • Anonymous staking
  • 0% fee until the merge
  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • Private RPC
  • Transparent ETH mining pool reporting

This mining pool is available for Windows AMD, Windows NVIDIA, Linux AMD, and Linux NVIDIA on the following link


Info About the Pool

Besides being a trading platform, Binance also offers a mining pool. This makes Binance a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform dedicated to improving income to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and miners.

In addition, Ultimuspool is a strategic partner of the Binance mining pool and provides technical services for the Binance pool.

One of the main benefits of the Binance pool is that it allows miners to switch between different cryptos using the same algorithm, which improves earning experience. The pool also automatically works on those currencies that spawn the highest profits.

At the moment, you can mine 11 coins on this platform, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Cardano, which makes it one of the best mining pool platforms in the industry.

Main Features

Binance pool comes with the following features:

  • Secure and transparent platform
  • Real-time hashrate displayed
  • FPPS, PPS+, and PPS model

What’s more, Binance offers both staking and mining features.

To start using the Binance pool, you’ll have to register on this page. Then you’ll have full access to the mining or staking pools.

Slush Pool

Info About the Pool

Slush Pool is one of the first publicly available mining pools that started operating in 2010 under the name Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server. So far, Slush Pool mining has produced over 1.2 million Bitcoins.

The platform is run by Braiins. This pool is highly popular among miners as Bitcoin is the main asset to mine. Recently, Slush Pool introduced support for Zcash mining.

Another great thing about Slush is that it’s open to community proposals. The interface is easy to use, as all necessary information is located right at the center of the page.

Slush Pool is available for Android and iOS and as a desktop client.

Main Features

These are the features of Slushpool:

  • Customizable payouts
  • Worker monitoring
  • Access management
  • Multilingual support
  • VIP program
  • Real-time pool stats
  • Each payout has a 2% commission
  • Transparent payouts

If you wish to test out the oldest crypto mining platform, visit the homepage to get started. Create an account and configure your settings to start mining with one of the best mining pools. However, keep in mind that you can only mine Bitcoin and Zcash. If you want to get Slush Pool on your mobile, visit this page.


Mining cryptocurrency is another great way to obtain it without direct investment in the exchange. However, as Bitcoin and altcoins developed, mining became increasingly difficult. While individual mining is still possible for those who own multiple mining rigs, it’s better if you join one of the best mining pool platforms.

A mining pool will help you join forces with other miners and speed up the process of mining a block. But keep in mind that you’ll have to split rewards with everyone who participated.

In addition, remember that Ethereum mining might not turn out to be as profitable as before once the upgrade occurs. 

Overall, if you wish to mine Bitcoin, the difficulty of this activity has already increased to the point where you’ll have to use a mining pool. 


Once you start mining cryptocurrency, you’ll likely join a crypto mining pool. That’s where multiple miners come together to combine their computational power and increase their chances of finding a new block and earning a reward.

Joining a mining pool means your reward will split among other pool members. Still, it’s easier to mine in a pool than on your own.

Selecting the best mining pool can be challenging, and it mostly depends on the hardware equipment you have, the software you use, and the coin you wish to mine. In addition, you should consider the features of each mining pool.

For example, a mining pool should be transparent, offer low payout fees, and a variety of coins to mine with different algorithms. Some even offer SMS and email notifications and act as a set of tools that help you manage your mining.

There are two ways to mine crypto—with or without a mining pool. You can mine some cryptocurrencies on your own with basic equipment. Still, joining a mining pool is more profitable for those digital assets where mining difficulty is higher.

Pool mining income is more consistent compared to solo mining. In addition, the expenses are decreased since the power is shared among members. Therefore, pool mining also has an increased possibility of producing greater revenue.

There are several ways to mine crypto with different devices, including a smartphone. Still, if you wish to mine via a computer setup, you should decide on mining hardware. You can select ASIC or GPU settings, but make sure to get to know the differences between them first.

Once you connect your hardware, get online and download the right mining software. This will give you access to mining pools and different algorithms for different coins. Then, configure your wallet address, and you’re good to go.

Mining Ethereum has been highly profitable in the last year. So much so that gamers couldn’t get their hands on the hardware, as miners purchased it all. Just like with Bitcoin mining, you could also join the Ethereum mining pool to improve your revenue.

Some of the best pools to mine Ethereum are Binance or Ethermine. Still, keep in mind that the ETH2 upgrade will soon happen and that mining ETH might not be as profitable in the future.

Many believe that you need mining rigs to be a successful miner. However, you can also use your phone to mine some digital assets. One of the main cons of mobile crypto mining is that it’s not as profitable and efficient as traditional mining.

To start mobile mining, you’ll need a smartphone and mobile mining software. Some of the best altcoins to mine on your phone include Monero, Dash, MonetaVerde, and similar. In addition, you should join some of the best mining pool platforms and increase your chance of receiving rewards.