Binance to Create Crypto Initiatives in France

France Fintech and Binance exchange joined forces and announced the creation of EUR100 Million Crypto and other cryptocurrency initiatives. These initiatives will contribute towards making France and Europe leading players in the blockchain and crypto market.

The Eur100 Million Initiative

A leading non-profit organization France FinTech, whose mission is to promote fintech ideas in France, joined forces with Binance. They announced the launch of the EUR100 Million initiative to push the French and European cryptocurrency industry further.

This project is also called Objective Moon and will include three crucial crypto projects in France.

The EUR100 Million initiative will follow the development of the Binance Research and Development Hub in France and create a Decentralized Ledger Technology accelerator. 

Additionally, the project will focus on a new online Education Programme to help develop blockchain and crypto fintech talent in the country.

Chairman of France Fintech announced that the company believes that France is in a great position in terms of regulation and expertise to become a leading player in the cryptocurrency industry and decentralized finance.

CZ, the founder of Binance exchange, also stated that Binance recognizes the quality of the French and European cryptocurrency industry and that the Binance team is convinced they can significantly contribute to further growth of France and Europe in crypto markets.

The launch of Decentralized Ledger Technology is also seen as vital as it’s a crucial enabler of blockchain security and the key in the mainstream application.