Cryptocurrency Prices Reach New All-Time High

This year was great for cryptocurrency investors as many saw huge gains with enough price drops to re-enter the market and buy more. However, the bull run is far from over, and according to the latest predictions, Bitcoin and many other altcoins are on the right track to reaching new all-time highs.

Ethereum Up 57%

Since the start of October, Ethereum saw a 57% increase while Bitcoin has a 50% growth. Investors were happy to see last month’s US Bitcoin futures and ETFs being launched and used the exposure to the new investment class as an inflation hedge.

The influx of great news still surrounds Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, the fear of inflation remains real as more and more people enter the market.

This new asset class proved to be attractive to both institutional investors and individuals.

Some of the best news includes one of the largest banks of Australia announcing it will offer crypto trading support to retail customers. On the other hand, Singapore and its authorities also want to create support for this asset class.

Finally, New York mayor Eric Adams stated he’ll take his first three salaries in Bitcoin. With this, he showed that he wishes to make New York a center of the crypto industry, following the path of Miami’s mayor.