Becomes the Largest Crypto Company in Latin America has recently become the largest crypto company in Latin America after the acquisition of SeSocio, an Argentinian crypto powerhouse.

What is SeSocio?

SeSocio is a personal finance application founded by Guido Quaranta and Gaston Krasny. It’s based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it’s known as the first blockchain-based regional investment platform. It allows users to save, invest, and manage their finances.

On the other hand, is a London and Miami-based company with an international team focused on connecting the world via the future of finance. is one of the most trusted and fastest-growing cryptocurrency companies globally, and recently it acquired SeSocio.

This is its largest acquisition so far, and Blockchain has purchased it to speed up the growing interest in cryptocurrencies in the Latin American region. will now be physically present across Latin America by opening local offices. It will also take over 100 SeSocio’s employees. The teams will then focus on getting cryptocurrency investments closer to the people.

According to CEO Peter Smith, Latin America represents one of the largest growth opportunities for cryptocurrencies in the upcoming decade. There’s political instability, inflation, and several new currencies, all of which make a favorable environment for cryptocurrencies.
What’s more, there are 200 million unbanked individuals in Latin America who could benefit from the crypto introduction and blockchain-oriented platforms.