Google Issues Warning About Compromised Cloud Accounts

Google has recently warned its users that cybercriminals might be using compromised cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrency. The latest report from Google’s cybersecurity team outlines the details of the newest mining hack.

Threats Against the Cloud Service

The report also shows hacking threats aimed against Google’s cloud services. Finally, the report also shows how the threats should be dealt with.

The team discovered more issues related to the Russian state hackers. Allegedly, the hackers tried to gain users’ passwords by warning them they had been targeted by the government.

What’s more, North Korean hackers were posing as Samsung job recruiters. There was also a noticeable use of heavy encryption in ransomware attacks.

According to the report, a total of 86% of compromised Google Cloud accounts were used to perform cryptocurrency mining. In most cases, the crypto mining software was downloaded in 22 seconds after the account was compromised.

In three-quarters of the cloud hacks, the attackers managed to take advantage of poor customer security or vulnerable third-party software.

Google’s safety recommendations include using two-factor authentication and signing up to the company’s work-safer security programs.

Google also stated that dealing with ransomware and other attacks was challenging since the heavy encryption makes the recovery of files nearly impossible.