Bored Ape Yacht Club Discord Gets Compromised

The Bored Ape NFT project recently launched its ApeCoin as it works on expanding the network of investors. Unfortunately, its official Discord server has recently suffered a hack. According to the latest reports, one MAYC was stolen.

The BAYC’s Discord Was Compromised via Ticketing Tool

Based on the reports, hackers used a ticketing tool for verifications and notifications to compromise BAYC’s Discord server. Then, the hackers started sending messages, asking the users to stake their NFTs so that they could receive rewards in ApeCoin.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club confirmed the hack on Twitter and called all investors to remain safe and not mint anything via Discord.

What’s more, the BAYC Discord server wasn’t the only one that suffered a breach. Discord hacks are common since the platform supports many NFT communities. However, Discord isn’t the safest place for NFT communities to operate, as Doodles, Shamanz, and Nyoki servers were also recently compromised.

Magus Devon, a crypto community lead, noted on his Twitter that Discord has terrible security and lacks proper tools that would help server admins to manage it properly.

One of the worst Discord hacks so far involved stealing about $1.3 million worth of Solana when the hackers breached Monkey Kingdom NFT collection.