Chatbots Expand to Crypto Industry and Enter Viber

Many believe that chatbots are only reserved for e-commerce businesses.

However, today they found their place in the cryptocurrency realm. By matching the latest trends in AI, machine learning, and fintech, chatbots can now help new crypto users with management.

The Ultimate Provider of News

One of the best use cases for chatbots in the cryptocurrency industry is becoming the ultimate news provider. Some of these chatbots are already available to Viber users.

These kinds of bots will give users all the info they need, including trading data and statistics. What’s more, people will also have the option to invest via Binance integration.

Being the one-stop solution, the Crypto bot is free to use all together with a sticker pack. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section where users will be able to read definitions and explanations of everything that’s happening in the cryptocurrency world.

This turns the Crypto bot into an always-available personal assistant that’s always with its users.

Still, the issues with trusting a chatbot remain. If people wish to use it, they’ll likely have to provide payment information, which might become a reason for concern.

Additionally, due to the fast nature of the crypto market, chatbots may not always provide the latest news until the algorithm updates.