Chris Akhavan Left EA to Focus on Blockchain Gaming Platform

Blockchain game companies are the new trend among tech CEOs. So much so that those who worked in traditional gaming platforms leave to focus on blockchain gaming. Chris Akhavan is one of them. 

Chris Joins Forte

Chris Akhavan, a former senior executive at Glu Mobile and then Electronic Arts, decided to join Forte. Forte is a company that specializes in handling the infrastructure for blockchain games. Akhavan spent nine years at Glu, but he’ll now become the Chief Business Officer at Forte.

Akhavan left Glu to catch the latest trend in blockchain gaming, and it seems that more people will do similar.

At the moment, blockchain technology is powerful enough to support NFTs, and the gaming industry can also benefit from it. For example, combined with NFTs, new kinds of games can let gamers own their digital items inside the game itself.

These NFTs can turn gamers into investors and completely change the gaming industry. Akhavan seems to be a true believer in NFT games as well.

Chris has already spent a lot of free time learning about blockchain technology and exploring the early games in the niche. He also stated that there’s a unique energy in the space that reminds him of early free-to-play mobile games

According to Akhavan, the current blockchain game industry has a huge opportunity to shine.