Crypto Investors to Buy an Island and Tokenize Its Ownership

Cryptocurrency investors came up with the idea to purchase an island and give ownership to people who invest in it. The Crypto Island DAO, the power of the crypto community, and the crowdfunding endeavors may soon result in many investors sharing ownership of the island.

About Crypto Island DAO

The idea behind Crypto Island DAO is to go through the crowdfunding phase and purchase an island in the Bahamas. Then, investors who participate in crowdfunding would co-own the island and have all the freedom to go there for a vacation.

Crypto Island DAO is launched in the form of 10 million governance tokens. Each governance token will be available for $10, and the investment of $750 will yield 75 governance tokens and a Silver membership status, which brings multiple benefits.

The item to be purchased after the crowdfunding is Little Whale Cay, a beautiful island in the Berry Chain of the Bahamas. There are 93 acres of land, and so far, 22,000 members are interested in how this project will progress.

This unique way of ownership has never been used before, and the idea of a tokenized island is attractive to many in the crypto community.

Crypto Island Group was founded in 2021 by four Dutch crypto enthusiasts who were inspired by those who tried to sell a copy of the American constitution.