Play-To-Earn Gaming to Gain Mass Adoption Via Crypto

As inflation figures are going crazy around the world, people are looking for new methods of earning additional money. One of the newest trends includes play-to-earn games, which is an ideal way of introducing blockchain to the masses.

Gaming That Pays in Crypto

With a gaming model that pays users to earn and utilizes blockchain and cryptocurrencies, users can have fun while earning digital assets. The assets can be coins, tokens, and even NFTs.

However, while gaming has been here for a while, this kind of gaming is still a new market. So far, only about 10 blockchain games have returning users. Additionally, these users are mostly desktop gamers.

One of the most successful crypto games can be found on the Wax blockchain. It’s called Alien Worlds, and it currently has over one million active gamers.

CoinFantasy Offers Something Else

CoinFantasy marries the concept of crypto fantasy gaming and the play-to-earn model. However, CoinFantasy does it slightly differently. The gamers should select a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and get rated based on the currencies’ performance.

What’s more, CoinFantasy has a “zero loss” solution, meaning users can play for a chance to win in the cryptocurrency league.

In this game, people compete against others in real-time, and the goal is to select the highest growing portfolio.