DeFi Staking Protokol Compound Suffered a Bug, and $90 Million Went to the Users

One of the famous decentralized finance protocols platforms, Compound, suffered a bug that had sent $90 million to its users. The founder, Robert Leshner, is begging them to return it. He offers to give 10% and threatens to doxx those who keep the money.

An Upgrade Gone Wrong

The $90 million leak happened due to an upgrade gone wrong. Additionally, as users received a large amount of COMP tokens, its price plunged by 13% on the day of the bug.

This upgrade was supposed to be standard. Still, there were no admin controls or community tools to disable the COMP distribution.

The worst thing is that the platform’s devs would have to purposefully conduct a 51% attack to get rid of some blocks and try to restore the money.

The founder issues a plea and a few threats, but it remains to be seen whether the users will return millions of dollars. Based on some prior similar events, it’s also likely to happen.

For example, another DeFi protocol, Alchemix, had a similar thing happen to it just a few months back. The platform gave out more rewards than usual. However, almost everyone who got the extra money had returned it.

There was one essential difference, though. Alchemix lost only $4.8 million.

When it comes to Compound, the users who accidentally received the money could keep their 10% and enjoy or risk being doxxed. However, doxxing users is one of the worst moves a crypto company could make.