Emirates Airline Plans to Use Bitcoin as a Payment Service

UAE is actively working on regulating cryptocurrencies. The latest plan allows Emirates Airlines to use Bitcoin as a payment service. Crypto as a payment option should speed up the processes, improve customer engagement, and provide flexibility.

Emirates Airline to Use Blockchain, Metaverse, and Crypto

To achieve its plans, Emirates Airlines intends to use the latest digital technologies, such as blockchain, metaverse, and cryptocurrency. 

COO of Emirates, Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, stated the airline also plans to use Bitcoin as a payment service while introducing NFTs on the company’s website. In addition, NFTs will be used for trading purposes.

Additionally, the airline headquarters in Dubai will hire new employees for the metaverse and NFTs, as it is looking to develop applications that will monitor the needs of its customers. Emirates Airlines will also use blockchain to trace the records of planes.

According to Al-Redha, the airline industry has made a healthy recovery, which is observed in the increasing number of passengers.

Even though the accessibility of the resources could be a significant obstacle, UAE is in a better position than most other countries, he states.