EPNS Joins IoTeX to Power Blockchain Capabilities on IoT

EPNS, or Ethereum Push Notification Service, announced the introduction of a new initiative to provide decentralized push notifications to IoTeX customers. This solution should enable them to implement IoT blockchain tools into their businesses.

The Development of a Dedicated Channel

The development of a dedicated channel is one of the specific operational processes related to this initiative. This solution should deliver customized notifications, and, on the other hand, help the company understand the needs and preferences of its customers.

This information is crucial in providing instruments for the future development of blockchain-based IoT solutions and products.

The main advantage of push notifications is their real-time status that helps customers and organizations track interactions between IoT devices.

This helps organizations respond adequately and see any suspicious interactions between devices on time.

On the other hand, users won’t worry about any type of integration, regardless of their blockchain structure. All notifications are delivered straight to the user’s wallet. EPNS is the first on-chain native notification service that sends information to the wallets directly.

The EPNS and IoTeX teams can also modify the protocols to fulfill the push notification requirements of DeFi markets and consumers. Additionally, EPNS users can configure their settings to match their needs.