Vectorspace AI to Use Big Data to Find Solutions to Complex Problems

Vectorspace AI (VXV) slowly climbed the charts without getting into the DeFi or NFT industry. It’s a protocol building correlation matrix datasets that can detect hidden relationships in data and train AI systems.

The sudden boost in price came after Vectorspace AI got listed on the KuCoin exchange.

The Project Could Use Some Marketing

Still, the people behind Vectorspace AI aren’t that active in terms of marketing and announcements. However, the official Vectorspace AI Twitter profile is active, and its feed contains the latest developments, features, and discoveries in big data and bio-science.

The project’s main focus is using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to discover hidden relationships in data related to space biosciences.

Still, this project lacks the right promotion that would push it in front of the cryptocurrency holders.

On the other hand, those who are aware of the importance of big data and how powerful the right analysis is continuously discover new solutions to get into. This might get experts in the field of big data interested in Vectorspace AI.

Vectorspace was already used early on in the pandemic when it analyzed years of medical research looking for a list of substances that could be used for treatment.

According to the official website, the current partners are, the United States Department of Energy, the National Library of Medicine, CERN, and others.