Ethereum Launches zkSync Testnet

Ethereum platform plans to scale the network. The developers will use a framework that allows for faster growth without sacrificing the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network. So far, the protocol deployment is successful, and the community welcomes it.

Human Operators Won’t Have to Validate Transactions

The zkSync projects, a provider of zero-knowledge blockchain solutions, recently announced the successful deployment of the Rollup protocol on the Ethereum testnet. This deployment is welcomed as a positive change in the Ethereum community as it removes the need for humans in validating transactions.

Based on zkSync, users should have a better experience on the blockchain, especially in terms of high gas fees.

This release of Ethereum Virtual Machine will help solve the problem of high fees and start a new era for Ethereum.

Hundreds of developers are anticipating this solution as they’re eager to build solidity contracts on zkSync. What’s more, the latest change will allow for better scalability without sacrificing the safety and privacy of the Ethereum blockchain.

It will also allow various other upgrades and further decentralize applications development on the network.

Still, Morgan Stanley’s global investment office believes that if a significant market competitor comes up, Ethereum’s popularity could decline. Ethereum is still in danger of losing its smart contract advantage to faster and more affordable blockchain networks. The new rollout might be what keeps Ethereum in the market.