Justin Sun Leaves Tron to Join Grenada Government

Justin Sun started the Tron Foundation back in 2017. Recently, he stepped down as the CEO to fly to Geneva, Switzerland, and become a full-time ambassador of the World Trade Organization. There, he’ll showcase his knowledge about blockchain and digital assets.

Justin Will Work With the WTO to Boost Global Trade

Justin’s experience in the blockchain industry would be highly beneficial for the World Trade Organization. He states that he’d work with the WTO to “reinvigorate global trade in various ways,” specifically developing a global digital economy.

The latest press release notes that Justin’s knowledge will bring much-needed fresh air into the regional economy.

Additionally, it’s not clear how Sun managed to land this role. However, the spokesperson for Tron Foundation noted that this is not a paid role. He also stated that Sun’s intentions involve representing blockchain solutions and making blockchain technology more mainstream by presenting it to the WTO.

Sun is known for promoting crypto to influential names. For example, back in February 2020, he paid $4.5 million just to meet with billionaire investor Warren Buffet. At the dinner, Sun allegedly gifted Bitcoin to Buffet but later apologized for being “a big-mouthed over-marketer.”
The diplomats at the WTO might be more open to what Justin has to say about blockchain tech and crypto.