Kraken CEO States Dollar Will Go to Zero in 2023

At the moment, Bitcoin is fighting for support, and 2022 is right around the corner. The New Year brings new predictions as well. According to Kraken CEO, the Dollar will hit zero with Bitcoin falling below $40,000 levels in 2022.

Investors Should Prepay Tuition and Healthcare Bills

According to the Kraken CEO, investors should be ready for a turbulent 2022. He stated that Bitcoin would see significant price drops, and the Dollar would crash.

Based on these predictions, Jesse Powell invited investors to prepay their healthcare and tuition expenses and take on more US debt.

The dollar index actually fell by 0.28% on Thursday, while the Sterling rose 0.40%. The Euro also increased by 0.19%. Since interest rates are going negative, Powell also invited investors to consider moving their investments away from the Dollar.

Powell also stated that it looks like inflation is out of control and “there’s no end in sight.”

Additionally, Powell invited inventors to keep an eye on the Bitcoin price. If it drops below the $40,000 levels, it would be the moment to buy the dip.

Bitcoin price has been dropping in the last few weeks, as the whole crypto market saw a sell-off. The BTC price dropped over 26% in the last month.

Still, Powell says that Bitcoin should be observed as a buy-and-hold type of investment.