Justin Sun Wants to Go on a Space Trip With Blue Origin

Justin Sun, a Tron Foundation CEO, was recently appointed as Grenada’s representative of the World Trade Organization, but there’s more to his plans. Now, Sun plans a space trip with Blue Origin, a company that took Bezos to space. That’s not all; he’s taking another five people with him.

Sun Wanted a Seat Next to Bezos

Justin has also revealed himself to be the anonymous bidder who paid $28 million in an auction to get a seat next to Bezos during Blue Origin’s first space mission in July. Unfortunately, he missed the launch. Still, according to his statement, that didn’t stop his love for space.

Now, Sun will fulfill his plans and fly to space in one of Blue Origin’s flights the following year. He also invited five other entrepreneurs to join him. The five people he invited will be nominated in the upcoming months. 

They might be key people of the Tron DAO community, long-term holders of certain cryptocurrencies, leaders in the blockchain industry, and other entrepreneurs from various industries.

When it comes to space travel, the latest person to go to space was a Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa. He spent 12 days traveling the space with the help of the companies founded by Bezos, Musk, and Branson.

Besides bringing his five friends, Justin will also take Grenada’s flag with him on the space trip.