Taiko Announces Cool NFT Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT Marketplace

Taiko is the world’s leading blockchain platform for pop culture. It recently announced that it would launch NFC, a Non-Fungible Can NEKO (NFC-NEKO), the first global collection of NFT mystery boxes that feature real-life celebrity cats.

Cats That Shaped the Pop Culture

Taiko’s cat collection will feature some of the most popular cats known online, such as Grumpy Cat, Smudge Lord, Coffee, Coby the Cat, and similar.

The NFC-NEKO launch will take place on Binance NFT Marketplace on January 7, 2022, at 11:00 AM UTC.

The celebrity cats will be dropped into a storyline where they defend their favorite food from malicious forces that took over the world. The famous internet cats must unite to destroy the common enemy and keep each other safe.

Besides the ultimately fun NFC-NEKO collection, a part of each purchase will go to a good cause. Half of the royalties and 5% of gross proceeds will be donated to five animal charities. Additionally, those who take care of the cats in the collections will choose which charities get the funds.

Each NFC-NEKO is designed by Maxime Girault, a digital artist who specializes in illustrations that feature cute animals.

Taiko will release a total of 27,200 mystery boxes, each priced at 28 BUSD, which equals about $28. In addition, the boxes will come in four types of rarity: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, and Super Super Rare.