Matheus Nicolau Becomes the First Latin American UFC Athlete to Be Paid in Bitcoin

One of the top 10 ranked UFC fighters, Matheus Nicolau, recently accepted the deal where he’ll receive his future fight payroll in Bitcoin via Bitwage payroll service. Matheus Nicolau is also the first Latin American fighter to accept this form of payment.

Matheus Nicolau Thrilled to Be Paid in Bitcoin

Nicolau stated he’s thrilled to start accepting his payments in cryptocurrency. He claimed he worked hard to get to where he is and that the rising inflation has him worried. However, he’s happy to secure his earnings in crypto.

Athlete also noted he started seeing the value in crypto when the crypto market started growing in South America. According to his manager, they’re highly bullish on Bitcoin and are looking to spread the word on this cryptocurrency further.

On the other hand, Bitwage CEO, Jonathan Chester, stated he’s happy to work with Nicolau. However, Matheus is not the first one to accept his payment in BTC via Bitwage. Back in 2021, soccer players Achara Ifunanyachi and Alex Crognale did this as well.

Bitcoin and other digital assets can also solve the issue of low payments to professional athletes. The UFC is also known for undervaluing its fighters, which are then forced to leave the organization. With Bitwage, things can change for the better without the involvement of UFC.