People Use NFTs to Raise Funds for Ukraine

NFTs are all over the place, and now they’re playing a key role in helping Ukraine during the war, especially in raising funds. Many NFT projects are raising money for Ukrainian citizens and humanitarian aid. What’s more, Ukrainian officials are planning on launching an NFT collection soon.

NFTs – A Saving Grace for Ukraine

Ukraine has also issued a global invitation to investors, calling them to make crypto donations. This showcases how crucial decentralized digital assets can be in situations like these. So far, the donations have reached $63.8 million.

This money is used to strengthen the frontiers and help the country fight the Russian army. Ukrainian officials have also announced that their NFTs will paint the picture of the Russian-Ukrainian war and act as a museum of some sort.

UkraineDAO is also raising money, so far hitting the goal of $6.7 million by selling the NFT of the Ukrainian flag via the Ethereum network.

The Holy Water NFT collection has about 500 Ukrainian artists onboard and it’s ready to submit NFT art to the collection to help raise more funds.

A Web3 NFT community of the Time Magazine, TIMEpieces, is also making an exhibition called “make art not war” to help Ukraine.

Furthermore, digital assets are helping Ukrainian citizens safeguard their finances in these turbulent times.