Red Bull Gets Into NFTs

NFTs are all around, and both individuals and companies are entering the industry. The latest organization that got interested in NFTs is Red Bull. What’s more, Red Bull also got curious about the metaverse.

Red Bull To Offer NFTs And Other Goods

Red Bull filed for a trademark application in its latest efforts to get involved with NFT and the metaverse markets. The firm plans to expand its business to the metaverse and offer non-fungible tokens.

According to the latest tweet from Red Bull’s trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis, the company will offer multimedia with NFTs, such as cryptocurrencies, clothing, drinks, and sports gear. What’s more, Red Bull will also provide exchange services in the virtual environment.

Still, Red Bull is not alone in its efforts to expand operations. On March 7, Finbold reported that Chevron, the multinational energy corporation, has filed for a new metaverse-related trademark for its name and logo.

This shows that not only IT companies are looking to get into the metaverse. Organizations outside of the technology industry are also aware of the importance of NFTs and new virtual markets and are doing what’s necessary to transition.

Other companies that realized the importance of moving towards the virtual markets and becoming proactive are Victoria’s Secret, McDonald’s, Monster Energy, and Walmart.