SupraFin Launches One of the Best Crypto Investing Apps

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and many new investors struggle with learning how it all works. This is just one of the reasons SupraFin launched one of the best crypto investing apps that’ll help people invest more safely.

Who’s behind the app?

Liliana Reasor, who launched SupraFin, spent over 20 years in the big finance industry. She was the executive at JP Morgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and a few other institutions. Liliana is an industry leader and has participated as a speaker in over 30 cryptocurrency events globally.

What can SupraFin do?

SupraFin provides an ideal solution for people who are uncertain about how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Many know that not all projects that successfully manage crowdfunding and other phases are successful in the market.

Additionally, there are different levels of risk that come with certain cryptocurrencies.

SupraFin helps its users gain exposure to higher long-term returns while minimizing risks. The app recommends crypto portfolios based on the user’s risk preference while monitoring the performance of the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio.

The app can also send alerts when users should rebalance the portfolio to lower the risk of losses. Users can also withdraw their crypto at any time.

The app also utilizes tier-one crypto exchanges in the background (Gemini). However, the app is available only in the Apple App Store at this moment.