Mark Cuban Claims Ethereum Has the Most Upside as an Investment

As the crypto market gets back on track, the question remains which crypto can promise the highest returns. Many are maybe late to catch the Bitcoin train, but according to some, Ethereum has more to offer.

Mark Cuban Supports Ethereum

The fact remains that not all digital coins are equal. Still, Mark Cuban believes that Ethereum has the highest upside, even though he considers Bitcoin is “better gold than gold.” This is crucial for new investors, especially since numerous Ethereum statistics also paint a similar picture.

Cuban also promotes Dogecoin and advises new investors to learn how even a meme coin can impact the market.

Cuban is known for a diversified portfolio that includes ETH, BTC, DOGE, and NFTs. Still, this isn’t the first time that Cuban promoted these coins.

He believes that smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain can change everything and can power up decentralized finance and NFTs.

When it comes to Bitcoin, Cuban is positive that it can be a better alternative to gold simply due to its scarcity.

Finally, Cuban likes Dogecoin since he thinks there’s a good community behind the coin. As a sign of support, he even purchased some Doge for his son back in February. This purchase was mainly intended for fun, but it also allowed Cuban to learn more about the meme coin.