Tier-3 Cities in India See a Mobile Gaming Boost

Since the pandemic started, the gaming industry has seen an increased number of users. As a result, mobile gaming also grew in popularity, especially in India. Some smaller towns have a 100% to 200% increase of mobile gamers, while tier-3 cities reported up to 170% more mobile gamers compared to 2020.

India Mobile Gaming Report Shows Significant Rise in Mobile Gamers

The Mobile Premier League published a report on mobile gaming, and the numbers from 2021 point out that this form of gaming is on the rise in some Indian cities.

Some of the top-played mobile games include Carrom, Fruit Dart, Fruit Chop, Runner No. 1, and Block Puzzle. Additionally, mobile esports like chess and pool also witnessed a sharp rise in the number of gamers in the country. For example, there were 1.3 million esports gamers in 2021.

What’s more, about half a million games were played live, scoring about 17 million views.

Several research papers stated that the increased availability of mobile devices paired with high-speed internet connections prompted many people to take up gaming in smaller towns.

Mobile gaming platforms have also made it easier for gamers to access content and play tournaments.

Some towns with the most significant increase of mobile gamers are Siwan, Baimanagoi, Sri Ganganagar, and others.