Wallex Ecosystem Plans to Onboard People and Institutions to the Digital Economy

Cryptocurrency adoption is growing, and new projects appear that will help speed the process up. Unfortunately, Crypto assets still have to overcome multiple challenges to be used as a form of payment. However, Wallex plans to improve how cryptocurrencies are used.

Wallex Is an Advanced All-In-One Technological Ecosystem

Wallex was designed to break the boundaries between individuals and institutions by utilizing the blockchain. As a result, Wallex offers a high level of safety and compliance features to its users, together with the anti-money laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies.

These protect the users from bad actors and frauds, allowing them custody, payments, trading, neobanking, DeFi, etc.

Wallex will bridge traditional and digital financing on a user-friendly and optimized platform.

Wallex comprises Wallex Trust, Wallex Pay, Wallex Exchange, Wallex Custody, Wallex Change, and Wallex Lab. Every part of Wallex helps individuals and institutions onboard its digital ecosystem with ease.

This made Wallex one of the top custodians in 2022, with low complexity, high security, efficiency, and customer-centered services.

Wallex recently launched EURST, a live-audited, fiat asset-backed stablecoin backed by Euro.

Wallex will soon expand its operation globally, target the unbanked, and provide its services to many. With Wallex, both novice and large investors can trade, hold, and access multiple financial products.